Saving and Burning Windows Movie to DVD

  ribo 15:50 17 Feb 2005

Can anyone help please. Before obtaining Video Editing software,I have been trying to create a video using Windows Movie Player. I have managed to do this and saved the project onto my Hard Drive. I wanted to burn it using Nero,but when I try to add the video ,although I am in the folder where I can see it.It is not supported by Nero. The file is saved as a Windows Media (TM) Movie).
How can I save it in a format supported by Nero? or what am I doing wrong? Thanks. J

  woodchip 15:57 17 Feb 2005

If it's a full version of NERO not OEM, choose burn Video DVD

  Yoda Knight 15:58 17 Feb 2005

u should be able to export the file to a different type (eg avi or mpg) from windows movie maker. To burn it to dvd on Nero u need the add-ins which u have to purchase. U can still write it to a normal cd which is playable in a dvd drive that supports it by using the vcd / svcd options

  john-232317 16:00 17 Feb 2005

Hello mate, they cant make it easy for us can they ;-)) try this link

click here

  ribo 16:32 17 Feb 2005

Woodchip-- I have the full version of Nero reload 6. That is my problem,when I choose burn Video DVDand try to add the video.It is not supported by Nero. I think I have to save it as DV-AVI format and I cannot see how to do this.

Yoda Knight--I have the add-in,which I purchased.
I want to know how I can export the file in the AVI format.

Dadyassa--I am trying to find my answer in the link you gave me. I shall keep "at it ".As yet I have not found anything that tells me how to change the format. Thanks everyone. J

  john-232317 16:58 17 Feb 2005

You should have save it as a DV-AVI file, then Nero can convert it to DVD for you.

  ribo 17:06 17 Feb 2005

I now realise this after reading your thread etc. But I am sure I did not get an option to save it as anything ,or even where I wanted it saved. I had intended to save it to my external Hard Drive. How can I do this please? Thanks again for your help J

  john-232317 17:10 17 Feb 2005

In WMM, when you first click capture, a window pops up to select file name, click next, video setting pops up, select the middle circle " DV-AVI " and then capture.

But why dont you capture it in Nero it may be easier...

  john-232317 17:12 17 Feb 2005

Saving file to is on first window with select file name...

  ribo 17:38 17 Feb 2005

The middle circle DV-AVI is greyed out.!! I cannot select it.I think I will give up I have been at it all afternoon. I have downloaded a trial version of Ulead and have downloaded and printed (all 204 pages!!!) the manual.
I will see if I can get on with it a little better.Thank you again for all your help.

  woodchip 17:53 17 Feb 2005

click here

click here

Now take a look hear click here

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