Saving Bigfix hotfixes ?

  Indigo 1 22:25 07 Apr 2004

I am running Bigfix to update my version of XP Pro cos of bad experinces with Microsoft updates in the past.

I have recommended Bigfix to a friend who does not have Broadband and can only download at 32k max.

I would like to be able to download Bigfix Hotfixes and save them for my freind so she doesn't have to spend hours downloading them.

Is it possible ?

What would be the best way to do this ?

  Giggle n' Bits 22:30 07 Apr 2004

of the Windows Update for XP ? This would be a easier method.

  Indigo 1 22:33 07 Apr 2004

Yes a CD would be easier but it would still require updating after a while.

Any Ideas where I could pick up the CD ?

  temp003 03:48 08 Apr 2004

click here select XP 32-bit edition, then you'll get the links to the individual download webpages for the updates. If the description of the link is not sufficient to identify the hotfix or update, move the cursor over the link and look at the status bar at the bottom of the window to see the full url which usually shows the Q or KB number of the update.

The advantage of updating from the individual webpages is, especially for the bigger downloads, you can use your download manager (if you use one and have broadband) which makes quite a big difference in speed; whereas in Windows Updates, or Windows Updates Catalogue, you can't use a download manager, and the download speed is generally slower (and quite often gets stuck while downloading).

  temp003 03:57 08 Apr 2004

You can also let Windows Update scan the computer for available updates first, then for each update, there is usually a "Read More" link, click that to get to the article or bulletin, which usually contains a link to the download page for the relevant OS.

Or after Windows Updates' scan, make a note of the updates, then use Windows Updates Catalogue to search for the updates, and download via Windows Updates catalogue, but as I said, it's slow, and when it saves the updates to disk, it uses a rather deep and complicated folder structure to store the updates, which is a waste of time.

  Indigo 1 16:47 08 Apr 2004

Cheers for the link, I'll look into it.

Didn't realize it would be possible to use download managers for windoze updates...interesting.

I have given up on Windows Auto Updates because I had some very bad experiences in the past which (as a novice) caused me no end of problems and have since learned to use and trust Bigfix to download only those updates relevant to my configuration.

There is no way I would ever use Win Auto Update again.

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