Saving all Outlook Express Mails

  gazmix 17:25 23 Oct 2007

I run Outlook Express 6 as my mail programme on my pc.
There are well over a 100 mails in the inbox that i want to keep.
I shall be getting a new 2nd hand pc soon from work, which has XP pro installed.

1.Should i need to download OE again or does it
come with XP?.

2.Once i have OE on the pc, how do i get all my
mails from my old pc there?, will they
automatically upload once i go to options & add
the pop & smtp account details.

3.I use Mailwasher, to configure MW & OE, should i
insert both pop & smpt addresses so that i can
recieve my mails to OE from MW?
This is different. In Control Panel>Internet
Options>Connections, it is
but in OE>Tools>Accounts>mail it is & in MW>tools>accounts, it
is ?? strange!

Any help appreciated


  rawprawn 17:30 23 Oct 2007

OE Comes with XP
To backup and restore

click here

  Terry Brown 17:42 23 Oct 2007

The easiest option to save your existing Emails is to create a folder on your computer, Open Outlook and shrink to 1/2 size. open the Folder (1/2 size)you created.from the taskbar right click and select Verticle, select Highlight the outlook files you want to keep and drag them to the folder. They will be saved as *.eml files and can be treated like any other document.
Collecting new Emails
Go to Tools , Accounts, create new account and enter your details, as for your details, if they work on your old machine they should work on the new one.

  exodus 18:15 23 Oct 2007

Hi, in addition to the above advice, OE will create the basic default folders for mail, these being Inbox, Sent, Draft, Outbox, Deleted.

Occasionally, it has been known for OE to encounter a problem and recreate these basic folders, often losing any mail messages they held.

For this reason, it is advisable to create your own personal folders within OE. To do this, just right click on Local Folders and select New Folder option.
the folder can be named or renamed. Drag and drop your mail from your Inbox folder into this new folder.
This can be done in one large drop.


  audeal 19:27 23 Oct 2007

I find the most important items to transfer when setting up a new PC or even after reformatting your Hard Drive is the accounts, e-mails and favorites. To do this I have set up a system where I can click on an icon to take me to my e-mails and an icon to take me to my favorites so they can be copied. To set up the folder for your account(s) you will need to export your account(s) to a folder. Once you have set up these folders you can then put them on a Floppy or external drive and then copy them to your new PC and then import the accounts and e-mails from the folders.

If you want more details then e-mail me and I will send you the icons I have made up with a full explanation on how to use them.

  gazmix 21:42 23 Oct 2007

when i had my last pc, i'm sure i just entered my smtp & pop to the new OE & all my mails arrived to the new pc!
I never remember backing anything up!, it was just there on the new pc when i enter my email in accounts & properties!, is this right!

  gazmix 23:58 24 Oct 2007

once i get OE & install my account details, will all the mails arrive in my inbox, i never before did any 'saving of messages', but i can't remember exactly how it worked!

I'm assuming that when i type in my details, & go online, all my inbox mails will reappear!

  DieSse 00:14 25 Oct 2007

What email service do you use?

You can give us your email address - just don't put your actual name in - ie everything after the @ sign.

  DieSse 00:32 25 Oct 2007

I see from earlier it may be orange or wanadoo.

So no, the mails shouldn't just "arrive" - where would they arrive from?

The simplest way is to get an email backup/restore program, I can't find any freeware ones right now - but there are several shareware ones, which for a one-time use might see you through.

Have a look on Tucows for reliable shareware, such as
click here

  gazmix 12:12 25 Oct 2007

when i got this pc, i never used any backup programmes or anything!
I think i may have emailed all mails to my webmail & then sent them back to OE! thats the only thing i can think of!!

  gazmix 12:34 25 Oct 2007

in Mailwasher & accounts, it says
in OE & accounts, it says

so how come they work together if the account names are different!, i thought they had to be the same.

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