saveing my favourite places

  ferretgirl29 23:40 28 Dec 2008

iam going to reformat my comp it is slow duel core it struggles to run 1 program and crashes when try to run 2 so i want to reformatt it but i dont want to loose my favourite places how can i keep them can i put on disk or some thing or in file then on disk then load them back on comp when reformatted any help please thanks

  boon_intheuk 00:09 29 Dec 2008

Which internet browser do you use?

  ferretgirl29 00:12 29 Dec 2008


  boon_intheuk 00:23 29 Dec 2008

On your C: drive (the one you want to format) you should find a folder called "program files" inside that you should find an "AOL" folder, somewhere in there you should be able to find a folder with the named "Favourites" or whatever your favourite places is called, copy that folder on to a removable media, disk or usb drive etc. Then, when you have reinstalled your operating system you can replace the new "Favourites" folder with your saved one Ok?.

  ferretgirl29 00:39 29 Dec 2008

thanky verry much also i tryd to wipe my comp before i have a vista operating systems disk and when i first ever turned comp on i made a back up disk but i tryd to wipe comp using bot disks but they didnt seem to work when i finally got comp working again it is really slow and will not do 2 things at the same time is there a nother way i can reformatt my comp to like it was when i first ever took it out of the box thanks.

  boon_intheuk 08:56 29 Dec 2008

Has it only been slow since you upgraded to Vista? Do you know how much "RAM" memory you have?

  ferretgirl29 17:46 29 Dec 2008

it has always been vista 1mb ram

  Sea Urchin 17:49 29 Dec 2008

I hope you mean 1GB of RAM :@)

  ferretgirl29 17:50 29 Dec 2008


  Clapton is God 17:54 29 Dec 2008

A minimum of 2GB of RAM is recommended for Vista if you want it to run at a decent speed

  ferretgirl29 17:59 29 Dec 2008

also i can find were i was tiol earilier to copy my favouretes but when i click on it it doesnt bring up my fav websites

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