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  magnus35 08:46 28 Sep 2008

The application was working fine but now , when attempting to download ,a message pops up stating Error HTTP/1.1 303 see other error 1 .
There is another thread concerning this , by another user , however , nobody responded .
I have successfuly captured a clip using a different downloader - the one from altervista - but it is not as simple and easy to use as save2pc .
I would like to get save2pc working again and would appreciate help from anyone who has overcome this problem or can suggest a possible cause . Reinstalling made no difference .

  sanchoPanza 09:07 28 Sep 2008

have you got spyware blaster installed?

  magnus35 09:30 28 Sep 2008

No .

  sanchoPanza 10:09 28 Sep 2008

I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago,but thought it may of been linked to spywareblaster.
As i was trying a few things at the time i couldnt pinpoint it but now working for me not much use to you but if anythingelse springs to mind ill post back.

  magnus35 15:56 28 Sep 2008

Thanks for trying anyway .

  Stuartli 17:25 28 Sep 2008

Try Uninstalling Save2PC and installing the latest version:

click here

Saved2PC works fine for me and has always done so.

  sanchoPanza 18:13 28 Sep 2008

Another thing I was doing around the time it happened to me was trying out google chrome using privoxy proxy to block adds.Is the proxy box ticked?or have you tried a proxy?
Just a suggestion as previously said,I was tinkering with a few things at the time it happened to me.

  magnus35 21:44 28 Sep 2008

Save2pc was removed after the problem occurred and the latest version installed but the error pop up still appears .

The proxy box is not ticked and it was working fine that way . No changes were made to pc set up , save2pc just suddenly stopped working . I copy and paste the url , as before , but pressing start brings the popup with error message as above .

  Stuartli 21:55 28 Sep 2008

There's a mention of this error at:

click here

click here

  magnus35 22:06 28 Sep 2008

Thanks for providing that information .
Unfortunately , I don't understand it and am not knowledgeable enough about such mattters as to be able to make use of it .

  Stuartli 23:49 28 Sep 2008

You and me both...:-(

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