Save the world or my settings?

  juniorsplat 11:52 19 Feb 2007

I have heard all about trying to save the environment and one of the ways suggested was to trun off you tv instead of leaving it on Standby.
I am wondering if I do turn off my TV, Freeview box and video/DVD machines that I will loose any settings I have made and have to go through some tiring system every time I want to watch tv.

Can somebody tell me how many of the above I can turn off without anything happening?

  silverous 14:05 19 Feb 2007

I suspect it depends on your make and model and possibly how long you turn off for. I can turn off most of mine for periods of time without losing anything. Give it a go?

  Belatucadrus 15:15 19 Feb 2007

My original VHS recorder lost its settings when power was cut, but that was a long time ago and nothing I've got that's even vaguely current is at all perturbed by being switched off.

  Diemmess 15:47 19 Feb 2007

Living in a rural area where electricity is fed from overhead rather than undeground cables and we are too thin on the ground to be considered for gas or cable TV, we quite often have mini powercuts while maintenance is being done on nearby power distribution.

After one of these cuts however short -

1.) electric clock (age just over 60), stops but dosen't restart. This tells me when the supply failed!

2.) 35 year old (red LED) alarm clock needs total retiming.

3.) cooker clock has to be reset

4.) Bedroom clock radios (both with battery backup). Old Toshiba gains like time was running out. Youngish Roberts continues on good time.

5.) Old Technics Hi-Fi tuner blanks time and date but not channel memory.

6.) Pace Freeview goes blank display (just hyphens), but keeps channel memory.
Fancy Panasonic freeview and DVD,HDD switches off but is normal at next switch on again.

7.) TVs will grunt and return if the power cut is short enough. Not sure of the VCR.

8.) Of course this PC will shut off and scold me when next booted for not shutting down properly and carry out a scan of one or more drives as punishment.

All part of life's rich tapestry.

  terryf 16:04 19 Feb 2007

Diemmess, why not try a UPS for your pc and screen, will save a crash if power fails.

  Diemmess 16:36 19 Feb 2007

Wot power cuts!
Fortunately Even this place doesn't have them often nowadays though we have had our moments.

I do have a good CV transformer which avoids trouble with brown-outs of the very rare power surge.

I have this silly life-long aversion to battery power, growing up in WWII when even torch batteries were 'under the counter'.
There's no more space either in the place where I put my knees.

Long ago, and it still applies, anything of importance which didn't automatically backup is backed up by me while working on it...

I get this twitch!

  juniorsplat 14:47 20 Feb 2007

I'll Give it a go.

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