Save some money on rebuild?

  boomboy110 17:04 17 Aug 2007

I have built a few computers now. And what erks me the most, is just because I want to upgrade my hardware. I have to buy my OS software again. Is there any way that I can just reuse the hard drive with the OS already on it. Or at least get a version of windows that I can use multiple times?

  Diemmess 17:23 17 Aug 2007

Two things (though you haven't said which version of Windows - or what upgrades you are trying to make).

XP can be reactivated over the phone if you make it plain that the first activated computer no longer exists because of a 'failure' of some crucial hardware.

Windows 2000 and earlier can be used over and over again. (much to the displeasure of MS no doubt, hence the necessity to activate XP and Vista)

  boomboy110 17:36 17 Aug 2007

I am using windows xp. I have the disk for both Pro, and home edition. I have done upgrades from anything, from just the mobo, to a whole new system.

  Diemmess 18:08 17 Aug 2007

No sooner had I installed XP on an old much upgraded box, than I decided to buy new as far cheaper than a major upgrade.

Reactivation was not a problem, perhaps because the Microsoft agent was having a nice day!

  boomboy110 18:22 17 Aug 2007

I just want to find an OS that I can install into multiple PC's so that I don't have to buy it everytime. It doesn't necessarily have to be windows. Microsoft wonders why people are trying to pirate their software. Maybe if they made it so there software could be reused. People wouldn't have to pirate it. THey would only have to buy it once. So instead of being happy that people are buying it once, they are greedy and want them to buy it everytime. But instead they just made it so people rather steal the software all together.

  mitsme 18:31 17 Aug 2007

Hi, I'm no expert, far from I, but have you considered LINUX?

  boomboy110 18:42 17 Aug 2007

I have thought about linux. But, I haven't seen anything that says for sure it can be installed on multiple PC's or if it is only capable of being installed on a single pc, such as windows.

Also, is there a copy of Windows XP that can be used on more than one computer, such as a corporate edition?

  mitsme 15:17 20 Aug 2007

XP? Yes I think there is. It's OEM, but how you load it & register its EULA is a question that those on this forum who are more knowledgeable than I can answer.

Linux is freeware, so I can't see why it would not be feasable to load it onto multiple PCs. Hold on, I need a re-think, LINUX is open source.

There are versionsof it,ie. UBUNTU, I have tried it many moons age, came on a free PC mag disc, but I was running it from the disc. It ran independentantly from windows, but the disc had to be loaded on what was the CD drive(gives you an idea of how long ago that was).

It did not interfere with windows at the time, so I'm guessing that you should be able to run it as an independant OS. From what I have read recently new laptops are being supplied with it as their primary OS.

Check PCA, that's mentioned in one of their articles. Sorry I can't remember which article, but it's on the site, do a search, see what you come up with.

  skidzy 16:04 20 Aug 2007

Linux is open source and can be installed or run from a live cd.
click here

One copy of xp to one computer,as it only has the one licence.

As pointed out,normally a call to MS is enough for activication.


" Windows 2000 and earlier can be used over and over again. (much to the displeasure of MS no doubt "

Now where does the MS law stop,i recently tried to sell my old original 98se disc on Ebay and was politely told NO.
The old machine has long gone and the only part left is the os.
After several days of debate with Ebay,they still refused to list the item.
Now we all know 98 is not supported any more,so why the bother !

Its actually a piece of MS policing software that noticed my listing and removed this.

I wouldnt mind,but the disc was up for 99p Lol.

  Diemmess 17:44 20 Aug 2007

skidzy and of course boomboy 110.

eBay does seem to have cleared obsolete Windows OSs from its display.

Amazon has not done this and there is quite a range of unused offers.

I noticed one claiming to be as new without the box, but with every other bit included.

In saying Windows 2000 and earlier can be used over and over again, I am simply stating a fact.
That is surely why Microsoft has incorporated "activation" with XP and Vista versions.

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