Save As in Excel 97

  MuDelta 13:21 28 Jul 2004

In Excel 97 when I click on Save As, instead of seeing the file name in the save as window, I only get the first letter of the name. For example if I want to save a file called “Electricity “ as “Electricity 2” the window only shows the file as “E” What is up and how can I correct it?

I have uninstalled Excel and reinstalled – no joy.

  cga 13:44 28 Jul 2004

Is this a new spreadsheet or an update to an existing one?

  MuDelta 13:45 28 Jul 2004

An update of an existing one

Did you try saving the file with the new name?

It should work OK, but I am at a loss as to why it should show just an E, still if the rename works then why worry, life is to short.

  MuDelta 10:05 29 Jul 2004

Yes, I tried saving with a new name. All I get is the first letter of the new name!!

Incidentally, I have also looked in the Microsoft KB with no useful result.

Just to check whether I have got this right.

1. You have (for example) a file called Electricity.

2. When you try to save as a different file name, even one that starts with a different letter than the original, the file saves as the Initial letter only.

Q1 Can you open this file

Q2 If Yes, does it contain the correct information?

Q3 Can you rename the file in the explorer window?

Q4 If Yes then back to Q1 and Q2.

Still groping in the dark a lot but hoping that somewhere someone will recognise the symptoms, we have some good Windows expertise on the forum, I am not one of them!

  MuDelta 12:28 30 Jul 2004


The answers to all your qwestons is yes.
How about removing Excel and all of the references to it in the registry? Risky even with backup?

  MuDelta 12:29 30 Jul 2004

And of course reinstalling!

Like you I have had a fruitless search of the KB and also Google Jeeves etc.

The first comment I would make is that you are able to rename files albeit via a longwinded route of using IE, so anything else you do is trying to improve on that route.

If XL97 is standalone then I can see no reason why you should not remove all reference to XL97 from a backed-up registry, after removing the programme using the Add/Remove facility, followed by a reinstall.

If it is part of Office then I would go for the reinstall/repair and deselect XL from the repair/install and then go for the registry cleanup before doing another repair/install of Office.

I guess that is all I can offer at the moment, sorry I can not be more helpful

Forgot to ask, is this peculiarity restricted to XL or does it occur in other programmes such as Word?

  MuDelta 18:29 30 Jul 2004


It is OK in Word. XL is the only problem.

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