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  Duncanf 12:10 16 Mar 2012

I'm using Windows 7, my broadband supplier is BT Total Broadband, browser is Google Chrome and e-mail is Orange webmail. I get a lot of powerpoints and large files from friends which I periodically use at a club but the inbox is now pretty full and I wondered if there was a SIMPLE way to transfer them to a CD which I could use when required. Thanks in anticipation.

  northumbria61 12:15 16 Mar 2012

You should have an option to Import/Export your emails to a folder and then burn them to CD.

  Duncanf 12:26 16 Mar 2012

Thanks northumbria61. I can't see that option. I already used the 'Move to' folder where I have taken about 20 items and saved them in a new folder but there's no Import/Export option apparent.

  northumbria61 12:32 16 Mar 2012

I have BT Total Broadband and I can't see any option there - but my email client is Incredimail and with that I just choose File - Import & Export. I have never had the need to burn to a CD but the method on Incredimail is a way of "backing up" all contacts/messages for transfer to another computer.

  northumbria61 12:36 16 Mar 2012

Should have added that File-Import/Export for me results in a folder being created in My Programs (under Incredimail) and then a with a right click on that folder/file I can send to DVD drive to burn.

  Woolwell 12:51 16 Mar 2012

OP is using webmail not an e-mail client like Incredimail. I suspect that they will have to be downloaded. The long way is to open each attachment with a large file, then use save as to save it on your harddrive in a folder for that purpose and then burn that folder to cd.

  Terry Brown 14:11 16 Mar 2012

I use Gmail for some of my Emails and I have found the easiest option (on XP) is to highlight the emails and drag to a folder on the harddrive. where they can be treated like any other document.

On W7, I would suggest using windows live mail. You can import all your email and settings and you should (corect me if I am wrong) be able to do the same as above (drag and drop).


  Duncanf 16:16 16 Mar 2012

Terry Brown, Woolwell, northumbria61

Thanks to all who have suggested solutions. I'll give them all a go (if I can) and see what happens!

  Bapou 17:05 16 Mar 2012

You can save those e-mails to a folder on the hard drive by installing and configuring Windows Live Mail. I used to use Outlook Express before moving from XP to Windows 7 and saved certain emails to the hard drive and on to disc, now I need Live Mail to read them.

Once installed and direct your e-mail to WLM inbox click on the down arrow in the blue box at top left. Choose Save then Save as file.

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