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  Splodge 12:19 28 Aug 2009

I do not know if I can recommend a site but, a knowledge of the world and a view of the current world wide weather is bound to be helpful particularly for young students.

It can be set to refresh every minute but I have it at 5 minutes.

It is at:
click here

Invigilator... if you have to delete this, you might cast an eye over it and recommend it in your next issue!

  laurie53 19:50 28 Aug 2009


  Splodge 16:43 29 Aug 2009

Hardly helpful laurie53!

I have been using EarthDesk for a few days now. It is virtually a diect feed from satellite. You can see the world, with all of its clouds and, without cloud at night see the lights of all the cities.
There are over 1000 cities to use as the centre point. Just one example, with Egypt cloudless, I could track the Nile down most of its length by its lights because thats where people are congregated!

I set it to refresh every 5 minutes but it will do so every minute. Fascinating to watch the cloud cover over the Atlantic on its way to our shores. And, I watched the latest hurricane develop, with its eye very visible,on its way north to Bermuda.

If you cannot enjoy such a sight and the technology, what are you doing on this site?

You can test before buying and is extremely cheap to buy! Enjoy or stay in the past I think.

See first post for the link!

  laurie53 16:56 29 Aug 2009

Thanks for the amplification.

I just didn't know what the thread was about, and thought is was about the magazine.

  Splodge 17:05 29 Aug 2009


You are forgiven, provided you check it out and give your opinion!

  johnincrete 17:17 29 Aug 2009

Very nice desktop picture but details hidden by desktop shortcut icons.
Does not seem to be competition for Google Earth

  Splodge 19:10 29 Aug 2009

OK; thanks for that.

  woodchip 19:13 29 Aug 2009

Just a Question, is this a PLUG?

  Splodge 19:26 29 Aug 2009

No! I was a meteorologist in the RN from 1948 to 1955 so the ability to see the whole world's weather displayed at the click of a button amazes me.

Better by far than plotting indivual weather observations and then drawing the isobars and fronts!

(Born 1930)!

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