Satellite TV in southern France

  Pineman100 11:53 13 May 2009

I'm staying with an English friend in southern France (I just said that to make you jealous!). He receives UK TV via a large dish and a Sky Free-to-air account. The dish is over a metre in diameter and appears to have a twin LNB.

Mt friend wanted to be able to record TV programmes to a hard-drive recorder, so he bought himself a Sky Plus box. However he has subsequently discovered that, in order to use this, he would have to have set up a Sky subscription account. He doesn't want to do this.

So at present he receives the free-to-air Sky service through the Sky Plus box, but the slot in the box marked "Interactive card" is empty.

Having given you the background, I have a couple of questions for you satellite TV experts, please.

1. Is his information correct, that he cannot use his Sky Plus PVR to record Sky Free-To-Air programmes?

2. If he bought a Humax Freesat PVR box instead, is his dish likely to be pointing in the right direction to receive Freesat channels?

Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated, please.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:11 13 May 2009

Not sure on your first question...

If your frend can receive free-to-air satellite from his current dish then usng a Humax box won't cause any problems. All the channels come off the same satellites.

  mimosa418 13:00 13 May 2009

Your friend should be able to get a Sky card for a fairly modest one off fee. The only snag is that it has to be issued to a UK address, but presumably you can help with that.
That is what I did when living in Mallorca.

  Pineman100 13:36 13 May 2009

Thanks to you both for those responses.

mimosa418 - I'm not sure that I quite understand what you're saying. Do you mean that, if my friend buys a Freesat From Sky card (I think they're about £20 aren't they?) he would be able to use his Sky Plus PVR box to *record* Sky's free-to-air content?

  mimosa418 13:48 13 May 2009

That is my understanding. I think he would get some additional content other than free to air. It may be a good idea to see if there others in the his area also using Sky. It is some time since I used the system and I now thins have canged.

  robin_x 14:24 13 May 2009

Just a suggestion, and dont take it the wrong way.
While many of us mess around with PCs we also have TV/Satellite issues as well.

But I think another forum is better for your problems. eg DigitalSpy click here


  Pineman100 14:34 13 May 2009

Fair comment, robinofloxley.

The only reason I asked it here was that I (and others) have had such knowledgeable advice on similar matters, on this forum.

Give my regards to maidmarion. ;o)

  robin_x 05:52 14 May 2009

kk :-)

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