Satellite Pro A10 Problem, Please help :(

  coolteentom 14:47 18 Jun 2005

I bought a laptop (Satellite Pro A10) a year and a half ago. However just in the middle of listening to music, it froze, restarted, and when trying to reboot again, i heard the hard drive making a really loud clicking noise, and an error message came up saying:




I am in the middle of trying to take the laptop apart to see if a cable has come out or something, as i am a student and cannot really afford a professional to look at it. I am having trouble getting to the hard drive though, and i am unable to do coursework, so please if anyone has any ideas, pleeeeeease send them over.


  alltime 14:59 18 Jun 2005

Tom try this it might help

click here

  coolteentom 20:24 18 Jun 2005

Thanks alltime, I had a go at some of the solutions, but none of them seem to have had any affect, although I could get into the BIOS.

If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know,


  woodchip 20:48 18 Jun 2005

Do not take the laptop apart, Bad move unless you know what you are doing. You should run scandisk or a disc checker from floppy disc depending on what your operating system is. hears one you could use to check the hard drive click here Put floppy in drive and double click the downloaded file

  alltime 21:16 18 Jun 2005

Tom I agree with woodchip on this one not taking the laptop apart. But I think with care you should be able to remove the CD drive, If you turn it over there is 1 screw at the back or the cd unit in the middle and it should slide out.DONT FORGET TO REMOVE THE BATTERY FIRST.
I Have an A30 tosh and alot of these units are the same. Try rebooting after the drive has been removed, you might have to alter the first boot device in the bios to you hard drive.
See if you get any errors then.

  woodchip 21:19 18 Jun 2005

Its is hard drive that's the Problem

  alltime 21:41 18 Jun 2005

Woodchip if you read my link earlier, The PXE-E61 error could mean several things , the cd drive might be Fried. It is worth a try.
Thanks for pointing this out anyway.

  dan11 21:49 18 Jun 2005

Hey, I ain't entering no arguments :-) just want to point out, that when my compaq lappy came up with that message "PXE-E61: MEDIA TEST FAILURE" or very similar ;-). The dvd drive was US.

replaced drive and things were ticketyboo.

But that was mine.;-))

  woodchip 14:12 19 Jun 2005

Yes but the Clicking is normally a Hard drive problem. As the CD read Write arm is different and you would not hear clicking., only the CD light going and spin sound for CD. To me it is indication of Hard Drive Problem

  coolteentom 21:20 19 Jun 2005

Cheers for your help,

I have tried doing hard drive error checkers on the system (using cd boot disks as i don't have a floppy drive at the min), but the tests just come up with 'failed'.

Although according to alltime's link it could either be the cd drive/HDD, i agree with woodchip that it is the HDD because the cd drive is working fine, and there is a praticularly weird noise from the hard drive.

Any ideas?

  woodchip 15:52 20 Jun 2005

It may that it's just Corrupt. The Head is swishing back and forth trying to read it but cannot. Suggest First run a disk scanner or Seatools from click here it creates a floppy boot disc to check the drive. If it's a Win98 or WinMe you can check the drive with a Win98 Boot floppy run SCANDISK from A:\>

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