Satellite P30

  5starred 16:07 17 Mar 2007

Anyone got a Toshiba P30 Satellite? Just wondering if you can get at the fans to clean them?

  Zero G 16:30 17 Mar 2007

Can of Compressed Air & the nozzle of a hoover works well.

  woodchip 17:13 17 Mar 2007

You may get a bit of dust out, but if you smoke or depending where it's used you will not do much with air or a vac. as the above are sticky And the Laptop will need part dismantling

  5starred 22:07 17 Mar 2007

removed all the screws but can't get the fans

  keverne 22:35 17 Mar 2007

What problems are you having that makes it so necessary for you to attempt to dismantle your P30?

  Ashrich 23:03 17 Mar 2007

If you feel confident here but it's a complete tear down manual , you may not need to do it all


  woodchip 23:08 17 Mar 2007

The way to go, is first remove the strip just below the screen. Should slide to one side on most laptops, look for a pin hole at the back edge to release it the fan is in the duckting thing with CPU heatsink. You may have to remove the screen just pry the cover clips over the hinges from the front with a thin knife so you can get at the screws. there will be a plug from the screen at both ends it only goes on one way

  5starred 04:12 19 Mar 2007


The laptop keeps shutting down presume that its overheating. I have bought a coolpad but still making little difference. I just wanted to clean the fans but looking at what you have to do I might have just changed my mind.

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