Satellite Broadband

  XP Medic 19:04 02 Feb 2003

Can anybody tell me the advantages of Satellite broadband? I am considering using this as ASDL is not enabled where I live and doesn't seem it will bew for a while yet - I think hell will freeze over first!!.

Apparently I need to keep my existing ISP so how does it connect?

I apologise now for sounding stupid. As a matter of fact I am!

  Old PC man 19:40 02 Feb 2003

The only advantage of Sattelite Broadband is that it's available where BT have not upgraded their exchanges. In all other respects it is no different. More expensive yes but still the same, unless you subscribe to a shared uplink where traffic will slow the connection speed depending on how much info is being up or down loaded at any given time.

  XP Medic 20:13 02 Feb 2003

Many thanks for your reply. I think I will go ahead and order it if I can

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