SATA/RAID Drives for XP Installation

  Gaz W 20:07 13 Apr 2008

I've installed a new motherboard in a PC but it doesn't come with the appropriate drivers to use a SATA drive during the installation of XP Media Center Edition.

The motherboard is an Abit I-45C, which uses the Intel 945 chipset. I've looked on both the Abit and Intel sites, and although there are drivers like the ones on my Abit CD (Matrix Storage), these will not work!

Having borrowed a floppy drive from my Amstrad (as XP insists on a floppy disk rather than anything remotely modern), I created a disk with as much of the drivers I could fit on it.

The two reasons it won't work - the driver files are about 15MB so will not fit on a floppy, and if they could, it needs this stupid file called txtsetup.oem.

I know this is a text file, but I don't know where to get the correct drivers, and what to do with this file.

Anyone know something about this?

Thanks in advance,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:30 13 Apr 2008

Have you tried to install without using the F6 option? some boards have drivers in the BIOS and as long as XP "can see" the drive it will install without having to install stat drivers at the F6 prompt.

  Gaz W 20:33 13 Apr 2008

Yes, unfortunately this is the first thing I tried.

Although it lists the hard drive, it is not recognised as anything, so I thought, driver time.

It usually has been the case with a lot of SATA boards I've had up until Vista.

  woodchip 20:56 13 Apr 2008

Raid, not a good idea

  Gaz W 00:59 14 Apr 2008

I am unbelievably stupid!

Very embarrassing error - forgot to plug the power connector into the hard drive! I've been moving it between PCs and one PSU uses the SATA type connector, while the other is using the old Molex connector.

Oh well, installed now.

By the way woodchip - wasn't meant to be RAID but the SATA and RAID drivers seem to come together.

Nothing wrong with RAID anyway - been running RAID 0 on my PC for ages :)

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

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