Sata usb drive

  Cuddles 19:15 21 Nov 2009

I have a Sata 80gb usb drive which works when plugged into laptop but does not show up on the desktop, i am sure there is an explanation for this but i can't think what it is!

  bremner 19:19 21 Nov 2009

What file systems are on each?

  Cuddles 19:26 21 Nov 2009

NTFS on both laptop and desktop and the SATA is as well

  bremner 19:29 21 Nov 2009

On the desktop does it show in Disk Management, if so what does it say about the disk?

  Cuddles 19:33 21 Nov 2009

No it does not show up on desktop in disk management

  bremner 19:51 21 Nov 2009

It seems to be a problem with the USB.

Do other USB devices work in the port(s).

  Cuddles 20:26 21 Nov 2009

Yes my mobile works via usb and the mouse, printer and webcam

  Cuddles 22:52 21 Nov 2009

Tried it in the rear usb ports and it works fine, does not work on usb extension lead though, do these drives not like long leads?

  bremner 22:55 21 Nov 2009

Some front USB ports are not powered, this can be a problem when plugging in external HDD's that are also unpowered. This may have been your problem.

  gigagiggles 04:10 22 Nov 2009

you have not mentioned what operating systems are on your laptop and desktop. IF the desktop is of the 64bit flavor AND the laptop 32bit, older usb hard drives might not be supported. several western digital passports from my vista32 days would not work on my vista64.

  bremner 08:46 22 Nov 2009

If you look at the 22.52 post you will see Cuddles now has the drive working

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