SATA to USB adapter, Cant find HDD

  DJ-Garry 01:36 07 Aug 2009

Hi guys.

I've just got a SATA to usb adapter from ebuyer. It comes with a power supply etc. The idea is that you can plug IDE or SATA HDD's into it via the plugs or SATA cable for the small laptop drive I have and wish to get ready to swap for the one in my laptop.

It's supposed to be Vista compatable (I've tried it on an XP machine with same results) but even after the pc says it's found the new device and installed the driver and it says it's ready to use .... I can't find the drive to format it ready for HDD cloning.

It comes with a cable that has two USB plugs on it. If I only plug in one, Windowsmakes the noiselike it knows somethings been plugged in, but does nothing .... Only when I plugged both in did it start to install driver. CD suppliedonly has driverfow Win98 on it.

Where is my new drive hiding please????

Cheers, Garry

  howard64 06:42 07 Aug 2009

I have a similar device and find that I need to plug the usb cable in first then switch the power on. If this does not work you may have to go into disk management and get the system to search for it. Double check in hardware - device manager - usb root device - that nothing is yellow marked.

  DJ-Garry 09:45 07 Aug 2009

Ok, thanks ... :-)
found it in disk management and got it formated.

Now I need a good (FREE) program to clone the current 140Gb laptop HDD that's split into 2 70Gb drives onto the new 500Gb drive, giving me more storage space :-)

Any ideas on which program to use please?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:49 07 Aug 2009

Where is my new drive hiding please????

Right click My Computer - Manage - Storage -Disk management you should find the drive there.

right click the drive - Initialise and format or if preformatted you may need to Assign a drive letter.

You can do the same in Vista but I cant remember the sequence to get into disk management for Vista.

  DJ-Garry 09:51 07 Aug 2009

Thanks fruitbat ... done that bit now :-)

Program for cloning please anyone?? No budget, so free if poss please


  HondaMan 09:55 07 Aug 2009

Try here: click here

  DJ-Garry 10:11 07 Aug 2009

Thanks honda man.

Has anyone got any experience of any of the free cloning programs?


  Quiet Life 12:29 07 Aug 2009

Have used XXclone free version for several years and have never had a problem.

  DieSse 20:42 07 Aug 2009

I use Seagate Disk Wizard - a free stripped down version of Acronis True Image.

  DJ-Garry 15:15 08 Aug 2009

Seagate disk Wizard only works if you have at least one seagate or maxtor drive installed.
Managed to get xxclone to work just about, but now most of the data is copied over, can I still set up partitions (Yes I know it would have probably been better to do that first) lol


  Quiet Life 15:44 08 Aug 2009

Easeus Partition Manager is free and should do it OK. I have found it to be good.

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