sata troubles

  beakie99 22:15 30 Jan 2005

Pentium 4 3 ghz.Gigabyte GA81PE 1000 pro2. 865 chipset with silicon image 3112 built in sata controller. Maxtor 120 gig diamond max+9 sata drive.

I have tried to install xp on my sata drive (base config). Everything seems fine, I press f6 insert floppy containing drivers and setup tells me it has found the correct sil. image controllers. setup continues to completion.

When i check in device manager i find no sata controllers only intel ultra ata ones. My drive runs on dma mode 5 (100 i think).

Why is this happening? I have reformatted and tried the installation again and again with the same results. cleared cmos as well. Tried the newest drivers from sil. image website an all.

everything is correct in bios. Sata is set to manual, sata port 0 is set to sata port 0 and sata port1 to port1. The drive is connected to 0.

Windows seems to be overiding my sata controller with the standard intel ones.

Help very much appreciated

  buscrew 22:45 30 Jan 2005

On my PC they are listed in device manager under SCSI & Raid Controllers, also have an Applet in Control Panel. Not sure if you still have to configure a RAID with only one disk, but I'm sure someone will advise.

  beakie99 23:02 30 Jan 2005

On my mobo disk I have the choice of other sata drivers only raid though. always presumed sil. image base sata drivers whre the ones. Just examined my mobo and i cant see anything of a sil. image on board controller. Everything is telling me that my sata runs off I CH 5. No advice on what drivers to use though.

  temp003 10:54 31 Jan 2005

You seem to have done everything right, and the OS is installed fine. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Any motherboard (certainly one using the 865 chipset) is bound to have the standard ultra ATA disk controllers (where you've probably connected your CD drives). The SATA disk controller is a separate thing. Have you checked whether you've got the silicon image SATA disk controller listed under SCSI and Raid controllers?

  beakie99 11:13 31 Jan 2005

Yes it turns out there is no silicon image only Ich 5(intel). I am not trying to use raid only base sata config. can only find a diskette (f6) from intel for raid config and application accellerator for raid. I am wondering if i was to try these drivers on floppy if set up would give me the non raid option after pressing f6

  temp003 11:22 31 Jan 2005

I've also just checked your board's specs, and it confirms that it doesn't have any Silicon Image SATA disk controllers. Just the inbuilt Intel SATA disk controller. I really don't think you need to do anything. I think all the necessary drivers have been installed. I wouldn't try installing the raid drivers. With such a dominant supplier such as Intel, and the 865PE chipset has been around for a while, Windows would have all the drivers anyway. If you really want, you can try Windows Update to see if any hardware updates are available. But the important thing is your system is working fine.

  beakie99 11:32 31 Jan 2005

yes seems fine. I was just wondering why in device manager the hard drive is controlled by ultra ata controllers and is only running at dma mode 5. I ran sandra and was allerted that my drive was not realising its full potential in the speed stakes. Thanks for your input

  bazb 12:24 31 Jan 2005

Hi Beakie

have you tried using MaxBlast 3 for Windows click here, it may help to sort out your problem.

  beakie99 13:21 31 Jan 2005

no maxblast doesnt change anything-just tells me Im running at dma mode 5 etc.

  bazb 14:04 31 Jan 2005

when I installed my Sata drive, I didn't have the raid controller installed as I was only running the one sata drive, and one ide drive and didn't require the raid configeration.

I fitted the sata drive, ran DiscWizard (Seagate), this found the drive and cloned the operating system from my ide drive.

Went into Bios changed my boot configeration to make First Boot Scsi Drive, the PC then booted to the Sata drive, all ok.

Have you tried the Maxtor Knowledge Base click here, I don't know if it will help but worth a try.

  beakie99 14:40 31 Jan 2005

Yes thanks everyone. found out that i dont have to install the f6 way as i am only running one sata drive(no raid)through ICH 5 on the southbridge. windows sees the drive and it works fine. dma mode 5 makes me paranoid though.

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