SATA running slow... Sil3112r question.

  NAB2 23:23 14 Apr 2004

I have recently fitted a Innovision PCI card with a Sil3112r chipset and a WD Raptor HDD to my PC. Windows is now installed on the drive (I did the 'F6' thing at the right time) - however, performance (according to benchmarks) is little better than my original 5.2krpm ATA100 drive and nowhere near as good as my 7.2krpm Barracuda plus. Having read many SATA related posts on this forum, I noticed it suggested that if a single SATA drive is used, then the Sil3112 driver should be used and if two are used in raid, then the Sil3112r driver should be used.- this contradicts the installation instructions I have which state that you install the drivers appropriate to the chipset (either the Sil3112 or Sil3112r) irrespective of the HDD arrangement. Can anyone confirm which is the correct method? (before I try reinstalling Windows to see if it helps!) Thanks, Neil.

  cycoze 23:28 14 Apr 2004

Sil3112 is the Sata driver .

Sil3112r is for RAID use .

I run 2 SATA drive`s using the Sil3112 , without problem .

  Chegs ® 01:26 15 Apr 2004

I have run my pair SATA hdd's as RAID(Striped)and as a pair of seperate hdd's,and tested the SATA v's an Maxtor IDE(7200Rpm)as I was trying to find the claimed performance figures for SATA.I found the cause of my SATA's lacklustre performance,the mere presence of the IDE hdd.I disconnected it (after running the hdd tests) and reran the same tests,and the results were astonishing.I created a thread in PCA with the results,and several other forum members posted their results in here (The pictures I uploaded to my website,I deleted recently,so those links no longer work)I eventually setup my SATA's only,no IDE hdd's installed at all,and found several problems...

1)I have to leave my PC on 24/7,or 1st boot(from cold) fails with a message displayed about "Incomplete RAID set" and nothing seems to cure this(data recovery progs cannot recover the partitions,patches to slow shutdown giving the cache time to be cleared dont work,boot floppy cannot even find the SATA's)

2)DriveImage 2002 works(from the floppys)to create images of my full OS + apps(but only if I create the "rescue" floppys with the SATA setup)Acronis TrueImage will let me create an image well enough,but doesn't recognise the SATA's to reinstall from it.

3)XP has to be used,as 98se doesn't seem to have the option to stop its install whilst the SATA drivers are installed.

I have also noticed that when I try recovery via DriveImage,it can take hours,then fail in the last few percent.Recovery of imaged IDE install only takes 20 mins,recovery of SATA install(same progs)takes 50 minutes(average)

When setup as SATA RAID 0(striped)partitioned to 20Gb segments,these Maxtor SATA's really fly.I tried mirrored RAID,but couldn't get rid of BSOD soon as I tried install of XP! and now it steadfastly refuses to allow me to try a mirrored RAID set(forgotten the error message)

  NAB2 14:41 15 Apr 2004

Thanks for the responses. So, just to clarify, although I'm using the SiI3112r chipset, because I'm only attaching a single SATA drive, I should be using the SiI3112 drivers?

Is there any way I can 'swap' the drivers without reinstalling Windows? --- I tried 'add new hardware' from control panel, but I get a 'code 10' error in device manager after adding the drivers (I guess because Windows is already using the SiI3112r drivers for the card) which doesn't resolve even after a restart.

I have also contacted MSI who make my motherboard and they have instructed me to flash the MB Bios. This suprised me, since a recent article in PC Advisor (May, 2004) explaining how to add a SATA drive and PCI card makes no mention of needing to check Bios compatibility. Is this just the MSI techy not knowing what to do and giving a 'stock answer'?

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