SATA, RAID and IDE problem

  wrinklysteve 11:22 15 Sep 2007

I have replaced a friend's SATA hard drive but had problems getting the PC to recognise it. Loading Windows got stuck after installing management programs, with strange messages. I eventually went in to Setup and changed the HD from RAID to IDE and was able to proceed. The question is, should I have, and did I miss something somewhere else in the installation procedure?

  crosstrainer 11:27 15 Sep 2007

If you have only one hard drive, then RAID should be disabled...That's where your problem occured. To use RAID effectively, you need a minimum of 3 HDD's, with only one, leave it disabled and all should be well.

  Why wont it work 11:28 15 Sep 2007

From the look of it you had the SATA controller set to RAID mode whilst installing windows. 99% of RAID controllers need special drivers to be installed during windows installation to be correctly recongnised. (In XP for instance it asks you to press F5 or F6 i think it is, to install additional RAID drivers.)

When you set it to IDE mode Windows didn't need the advanced drivers, because the controller had gone back to 'Standard mode'. When a SATA controller is acting in SATA mode there is nothing (no special features, logic like a RAID controller) for Windows to get upset about, so it just works. I hope that my rambling is of some use!

  Why wont it work 11:30 15 Sep 2007

As crosstrainer says, if it's only a single hard drive so keep it in IDE mode. You can only use RAID with 2 or more hard drives.

  wrinklysteve 11:51 15 Sep 2007

Many thanks for those replies - very helpful. However, I've just had a call from friend to say that 'other devices' in in the Hardware list are showing yellow question marks. Could this be linked in any way? If not, shouldn't Windows have loaded all drivers?

  crosstrainer 11:54 15 Sep 2007

Some devices such as graphics cards, chipset's and many more require driver installation from the original cd's. If you don't have these, you may have to search the manufacturers web sites to download and install audio, chipset, display to name but a few.

  Why wont it work 11:54 15 Sep 2007

Windows does not install the drivers for everything. Even the drivers it does install (eg graphics drivers) often have reduced functionality.

The yellow marks indicate devices that Windows does not have drivers for. Without drivers the devices won't work. In which case you need to find out what they are and use the appropriate CD, or download the latest drivers from the internet.

  wrinklysteve 17:06 15 Sep 2007

Thanks everyone. We are at the stage now where we are trying to reinstall the old Windows from the OEM disk in order to be able to read the OEM drivers on the other disk but there are instal problems (installation going back ten minutes, crashing 'to protect the PC') that are making me think there is another prob with the PC, possibly RAM. Thanks again.

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