SATA must give way to SSD

  Diemmess 18:06 12 Mar 2015

At the moment it wont! I have a SATA came with the PC and Win 7 I have made an image of C: drive and would like to transfer the Windows C: drive to a new SSD.

If I connect everything the PC wont even boot.

The Gigabyte BIOS offers the DVD first, then a generic and then the SATA HD (I think) Something isn't working and I need help to alter the BIOS

Would someone please tell me which buttons to press!!

  Bris 19:48 12 Mar 2015

Diemmess... what model of motherboard do you have?

Your problem may be that you have 2 SATA controllers on the motherboard one by Intel and the other by Marvel. If this is the case then use the SATA sockets connected to the Intel controller for both the SSD and HDD, the manual will tell you which ones.

  Diemmess 22:19 12 Mar 2015

Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-H81M-DS2V

If you or somebody can help ? Would have thought it would have configured itself but its late now (for me) off to bed.

SSD not connected at present, Will not boot with SSD in circuit

  Bris 19:13 13 Mar 2015

I have downloaded your manual and had a quick look and you can ignore my previous post re the Marvel controller as you appear to have only the Intel one.

The fact that you cant see the SSD and that with it installed you cant boot from the HDD suggests a compatibility problem between the SSD and the board.

Personally I would go to the Gigabyte web site and get help there.

You could try flashing the BIOS as you may be running and out of date version.

The following parameters should be checked in the BIOS:

Under BIOS Features check that CSM support is set to "always", boot mode selection is set to "UEFI & Legacy", and under Storage boot option control "legacy only is set. These settings are all defaults.

Under the peripherals tab>SATA configuration>SATA mode selection try changing to AHCI if its set to IDE (you may have to set it back again to boot from your HDD if thats what it was set to when you installed the OS). Make sure that all SATA ports are enabled.

Apart from the above and if you have a W7 disc try removing the HDD and with only the SSD installed boot from the DVD drive and try installing W7 to the SSD.

  rdave13 23:44 13 Mar 2015

With the original drive in only, go to device manager and expand 'IDE ATA/ ATAPI controllers. If it shows it has a SATA controller or even AHCI you don't need to change anything in the bios/uefi/efi.

Making an image rather than cloning when you need to install a new drive can work but the image might be too big or other errors can occur.

If device manager shows SATA/AHCI I would clone your HDD to the SSD via an USB caddy.

Now a lot of members here recommend free programs to do this. I can't vouch for any as I use Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 paid for version. Always have used Paragon with no failures (up to now).

Important bit is to remove the original HDD and insert the clone SSD to the same socket on the mobo. Try booting up with just the SSD.

  Diemmess 18:19 19 Mar 2015

What excellent members you all are.

You have given some really reasoned good advice in this thread and a sympathetic son has given me a lot of time during the last few days so that we are almost there.

Have been able to use the Acronis CD cautiously but so far have not yet dared to Install the thing. Settle with booting from the disk

The point is that we are within three major moves to be fully working, though the pressure is off since though everything is accessible one or two details are not quite there (still on 2 PCs) to avoid waste by re-installing and the have to forget that work as yet another Recover and Restore is necessary.

  bumpkin 18:56 19 Mar 2015

Not a lot of info here, what sizes are the drives, do you intend to keep the HDD as well as the SSD. If your reason for the SSD was to speed things up (which it certainly will) Then there maybe other options to what you are attempting at present.

  Diemmess 14:49 22 Mar 2015

For bumpkin

Sorry for the lack of detail, I was trying to keep it simple. Either source drive is smaller than the destination. One was one was needed to move up to Win 7, and to have used a blank SSD as c:\drive.

For me Acronis has been an expensive waste of time and money. Using or mis-using I failed to make a clone of the source and now have just about recovered a Source drive of sorts.

Has anyone used clone software apart from Acronis? I used version 10 and liked it so much for the neat way it did as expected and used it for years, but it stops abruptly if offered Win 7 to work with.

  bumpkin 15:37 22 Mar 2015

I have never liked Acronis myself I prefer Macrium click here

What I would do in your situation is shut down, disconnect the hdd and boot from your DVD with W7 on it then do a clean instal of W7 onto the SSD you may have to wait for many updates to instal. Then shut down and reconnect your HDD, it should now boot from the SSD if you have set that option in BIOS. Then keep just the OS and frequently used programs on the SSD you will have to reinstal them. Keep all other stuff, photos, videos and data on the other drive. That should give you a significant speed up. If you are unable to do it for some reason then just clone the HDD to the SSD with Macrium.

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