SATA Installation nightmare on XP Home SP1

  Giggle n' Bits 14:43 19 Aug 2005

Been trying different things for a few days now but give in and need help. I use a Asus A7V600-X with BIOS 1008

I am having problems getting the SATA HDD to register with the system to install XP Home with SP1. I have the Driver and have pressed F6, S but it loops back and keeps asking for the driver. I have also managed to get a install into the Windows and then it crashes.

I have a Seagate HDD 80GB SATA Model No: ST380817AS and have found at Asus Site if its SATA II then you need to put a jumpe on the pins which I have tried.

I have replaced Motherboard & HDD and still unalbe to get the HDD recognised either in BIOS or with the F6 windows install

Please HELP !

  Rigga 14:51 19 Aug 2005

Not entirely sure what the problem is. But windows will definately not install unless the HDD is recognised by the BIOS.

Only after the BIOS has recognised the HDD, will you be able to install windows on to it.

Are you sure there are no settings in BIOS to enable the SATA drive? They may be referenced under SCSI, as most BIOS treat SATA as SCSI.


  AndySD 14:53 19 Aug 2005

click here choose "VIA VT6420 (VT8237) SATA RAID Driver Package Version 2.20D WHQL" and download then unzip the files. Copy all files and directories from the DriverDisk folder to a floppy disk.

Boot system from OS installing CD-ROM.

* Make sure VT6420 BIOS is executed by the system BIOS when POST.

* Press "F6" when OS installer starts running.

* Insert floppy disk.

* Choose the OS device driver wanted for loading.

* Install OS.

* Run setup.exe after OS is installed.

  Giggle n' Bits 15:35 19 Aug 2005

I will try these this evening, and post back. Now you come to mention it, in Boot Options there is HDD which says None but there is Other boot device "INT18 Device Network" Disabled is for SCSI Boot which I did other Enabled is Network.

Will try AndySD then post back later after tea.

Thanks for the call's !

  Satmansq 17:29 19 Aug 2005

Had similar problem with Asus board, you need to have bios set to scsi before it will recognise drive

  Giggle n' Bits 19:08 19 Aug 2005

When you say set bios to SCSI I take it the Boot Order so it would be 1. DVD/CDWr Combi then 2. SCSI/ATA device ?

Please can you expalain a little more.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:58 19 Aug 2005

On the boot it does recognise as Channel Master 0 but not as Primary master.

Will do some searching and welcome anyone who has SATA running on this motherboard if you can help

  selfbuild 09:52 20 Aug 2005

Sata drives will not show up as Primary Master in the BIOS.... only IDE drives....

In the BIOS, set the boot order to 1. Floppy drive 2. DVD combi drive 3. SCSI/ATA device 4. Disabled

Also whilst your in the BIOS, under the Advance Tab, look for the PCI Configuation and hit Enter. Now look for Onboard ATA Device First and make sure it is set to Yes.

If you have a IDE hard drive connected, remove the power lead whilst trying to install XP (you can reconect the drive once XP is up and running). This will make sure that the boot loader will goto the SATA drive and not the IDE hard drive.

  Giggle n' Bits 10:14 20 Aug 2005

And I take it I am correct in booting from the XP CD then when the install of the files from the CD starts it says at the bottom to press F6 to install SCSI driver thing then it will ask in a few seconds for the driver so I understand press S then Enter.

From there it has gone to the S stage to choose the driver but I shall double check the above.

I am using a WinXP with SP1 wonder if that makes any difference ?

  Giggle n' Bits 11:05 20 Aug 2005

if I just carry on as normal it will not format the HDD and say's HDD not found. Really strange

I can only think this problem is the SATA Driver I have created (Twice) on a floppy from the ASus Driver CD maybe the Floppy disk or the driver is not quite right.

Help still needed please.

  bazb 11:50 20 Aug 2005

Hi Mr EX

just to muddy the water a little bit more.

when I installed my Sata drive, I didn't have the raid controller installed as I was only running the one sata drive, and one ide drive and didn't require the raid configeration.

I fitted the sata drive, ran DiscWizard (Seagate) click here , this found the drive and cloned the operating system from my ide drive.

Went into Bios changed my boot configeration to make First Boot Scsi Drive, the PC then booted to the Sata drive, all ok.

This was done with a Asrock board.

Good Luck

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