sata to ide converter problems

  treasuretrove 20:02 07 Jan 2008

I Have upgraded my motherboard Which has one ide connection and two sata connections. The ide has both my optical drives in them. This means I have to plug both my ide harddrives in the sata connections. I bought two ide hdd to sata mobo converters. But only one drive is recognised, I swapped the converters around to see if one was faulty. Both worked on the master drive. Have I missed anything?
Mobo. Geforce6100sm-m
HDD. 1-2 Maxter diamond

  rossgolf 20:19 07 Jan 2008

cant you plug one into sata and one into ide?

  jimv7 20:28 07 Jan 2008

Have you set both drives to master.

  treasuretrove 20:32 07 Jan 2008

one is master the other is slave

  rossgolf 20:35 07 Jan 2008

have you set the bios to automatically detect drives (press f3 in bios)

  treasuretrove 20:42 07 Jan 2008

all are set on auto

  skidzy 20:47 07 Jan 2008

Sata drives are treated as master,running through an IDE to Sata adaptor not so sure.

Have you tried making both drives master by changing the jumpers,or even making them both cable select.

  treasuretrove 20:50 07 Jan 2008

I know what you mean by changing jumpers but what is cable select?

  skidzy 20:52 07 Jan 2008

On the ide drive itself,there should be a diagram showing you how to arrange the jumpers..Master/Cable select/slave etc

  treasuretrove 21:05 07 Jan 2008

yes that got it thankyou all

  skidzy 21:07 07 Jan 2008

Well done treasuretrove,was it cable select or both as master ?

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