sata-ide connector

  belcanto 19:40 23 Nov 2006

Hi there-I have sata on my pc, but I also want to connect an older 250 ide drive to it as well as there is data on it that I would like to keep. I purchased a sata-ide connector but even though the lights come on i am wondering if i have set it up right. It doesnt show up under disk management or hardware, what am i doing wrong?


  howard64 19:42 23 Nov 2006

have you got the cable in the ide drive the correct way round? some of the plugs go in either way round.

  Totally-braindead 19:55 23 Nov 2006

Does the IDE drive show in BIOS?

  sunny staines 19:58 23 Nov 2006

thinking of doing the same just wandering do you need to load sata drivers to use the sata sockets?

  belcanto 20:25 25 Nov 2006

To Totally-braindead, no the drive doesnt show up in the bios. To Howard64, regarding the power cable, the one that came with the connector seemed to big to fit into the power slot on the IDE drive. To sunny staines, the device did not come with any sata drivers. Not sure what else I can do..I do hope that you others have still got some ideas.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 25 Nov 2006

Surely the board has an IDE socket to connect the DVD drives

To prove the HDD is ok plug it in in place of the DVD.

Check BIOS is set to auto detect the drives.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 00:18 26 Nov 2006

If there isn't a free IDE socket then perhaps a PCI RAID controller is the way forward?

  howard64 11:04 26 Nov 2006

surely you must fit a power lead, from the psu in the pc, into the 4 pin power slot of the hard drive as well as the sata adapter into the ribbon cable data slot?

  sunny staines 14:36 26 Nov 2006

howard64 yes you would.

  yabadabado 16:23 26 Nov 2006

Just a thought but it may be a combined problem with the sata controller, the converter and the drive!

I have a westen digital drive, highpoint rocketraid card and a generic and a highpoint rockethead ide/sata converter. This combo wont work, but if i use a different hard disk, or a diff sata chip(ie diff computer) everything works fine!

So if you can try the harddisk and converter in a diff pc, or try it with a differnt hard disk!

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