Maccyroo 14:17 06 Apr 2005

I want to install a SATA HDD as an upgrade to my PC which has an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Mobo which does support SATA. I have the SATA drivers on a floppy disk and know how to insatll them. I want to do a fresh Windows install on the new drive and the company (MESH) who sold me the original pc says i can do this with the recovery disk they provided as the OEM operating system is linked to the BIOS.

What worries me is that i have heard that SATA is only supported on Windows XP SP1 or higher and although i am running SP1 at the moment I know from checking with MESH the recovery CD i want to use for the clean install has only basic Windows XP Home on it and you have to download SP1 off the web after installation.

Does this mean i cannot use my SATA drive?

Any info or advice greatly appreciated.


  moore_mat 14:32 06 Apr 2005

It does look like Pre SP1 Windows did have problems...

If Mesh provided you with a Windows CD and a CD Writer, you can perform a process known as slipstreaming.

This allows you to make a Windows XP installation CD with SP1 or SP2 already installed!

Have a look at some of these guides if you feel up to the chalenge!:-

click here

click here

If this isn't something you want to try - it might be worth asking Mesh if they can supply you with the necessary SP1 or SP2 CD - manufacturers sometimes will for a fee...

If you need any further help - get back to us!

All the best

[email protected]

  TomJerry 14:34 06 Apr 2005

Original WinXP disc or recovery disk. If it is original XP installtion disk, not problem, just press F5 when asked and also insert floppy when asked.

If it is recovery CD, it may not be possible. There there is alway another way for anything.

Leave your old HDD as it is, connect new HDD and install drive for SATA support. Then use a disk clone program to clone your old HDD to new HDD. All HDD manufacturers have this kind of softwares which can be download free from their web site. Alternatively, you can use Acronis True Image for the clonning job. You can get it from Amazon £16.97, it is a great program and worth every penny.

  TomJerry 14:57 06 Apr 2005

Health warnning: (a) DO NOT test the produced CD on a working PC!!!!!!!! (b) Please backup important stuff before you try anything. You take your own risks.

(1) make hidden partition visable (files are stored in hidden partion), there are may tools for those, for example Partition Expert from Acronis or partition magic from Norton. A free version of partition expert was on PCA cover disks a few moons ago. If your restore files are in CD, you need to use a ghost exploer to find the content of the image file (assume that the image is produced by norton ghost)

(2) Copy everything on hidden partion to a new location, only i386 directtory is needed actually

(3) make hidden partition invisable again, just pu back to the original situation.

(4) Download XP service pack from micorsoft

(5) Now you are ready to make your own installation CD. Again there are many tools, the simplest is nlite click here, you can also use "Bart's way to create bootable CD-Roms" click here

Important notice: Do not test the CD you produced on a working PC. This is becuase the CD produced in this way will be so called "unattended installtion CD" so it will automatically wipe everything from HDD if you boot it up from it.

  Rayuk 15:03 06 Apr 2005

Minor point is it not F6 to load sata drivers

  Maccyroo 15:19 06 Apr 2005


That is what i was wondering myself. But maybe phrased it wrong.

I don't really want to clone my drive as I fancied a nice clean registry etc and don't mind re instaliing service packs later.

I have the drivers on disc from my Mobo's website and think i know where to press F6 in the installation but just wanted to be sure that my basic XP Home recovery disc will recognise the drive OK with just the drivers off the disk.

I have done alot of other inrernal upgrades but have no experience of SATA at all.

I think I may try it just like this and hope for the best!

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