SATA HDD not recognised by my KT6V motherboard

  mjid 13:23 22 Jan 2007

I have an MSI KT6V LSR (LAN, Sata and Raid) board which I use with an AMD XP Sempron 2400+. windows XP
it is supposed to support SATA drive, however this one didn't. am i doing something wrong or is the M/B faulty, i ve emailed MSI, but they wouldn't reply to my email.
hepl please and thank you.

  johndrew 13:53 22 Jan 2007

I think you need to provide more detail as to what you have done and the results obtained. Simply asking if you`ve done something wrong or if the drive is faulty is not enough.

Bit like saying, `My car stopped,` without giving any other information. Could be fuel, seized engine or hitting a brick wall we wouldn`t know.

  ed-0 14:16 22 Jan 2007

Your motherboard has just a SATA 150 controller.

Is your SATA harddrive 150 compatable or is it just SATA11 ( 300 ).

If it is the faster drive, SATA 300, then it will not work with or be recognised by motherboard unless it has speed reducing jumpers.

What is the make and serial number of the hard drive?

  pk46 14:23 22 Jan 2007

Did you put the raid drivers in? you will find them on the disk that came with the MOBO you have to transfer them to a floppy,then when you are installing W2000 or WXP you press F6 it will then ask you to put the floppy in you then press S and choose the required option then press enter.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:32 22 Jan 2007

Sata Drive not recognised by BIOS
SATA 2 (SATA 300) is not backwards compatible with a SATA (SATA 150) controller. In order to use a SATA 2 drive on a SATA (SATA 1?) controller, the hard drive must have a jumper position to restrict it to using SATA (SATA 150), and a jumper must be installed. Some drives have the jumper position available (e.g. some recent Samsung), some don't (e.g. some recent Maxtor).
This information can also probably be easily found on your hard drive manufacturer's web site.
If your drive does not have the jumper position available, you must return it and get a SATA 2 one that does, or a SATA drive.

  Stuartli 18:27 22 Jan 2007

I have the same motherboard. Have you Enabled this in the Bios (there's only been one Bios version released) and installed the appropriate drivers?

I haven't used this facility, but it's fully explained in the back of the manual.

If you don't have it you can download it from the MSI website (actual motherboard model number is MSI 7021). See:

click here

  mjid 04:57 24 Jan 2007

thanks to you all for your advise. i followed Fruit Bat suggestion and it worked 1st time.

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