sata h/d knocking sound

  ripendigging 11:48 30 Jan 2011

I have a sata h/d 250GB with over 220GB free it is 2years old.On boot up there is a knocking sound coming from this h/d,if I pull the power lead of the noise stops.Is it scrap?

  northumbria61 11:52 30 Jan 2011

Doesn't sound too healthy - you can download and run HDD diagnostic software depending on your make of hard drive - example here for Seagate click here

  northumbria61 13:59 30 Jan 2011

You could download and try for FREE (30/40 days) Ashampoo HDD Control which would give you the state of your drive with monitoring facilities.
Scroll down to find it here click here

  ripendigging 11:51 31 Jan 2011

I cannot access any programs because I cannot boot the pc.When I try to boot up all I get is a knocking sound which I beleive I have traced back to the sata h/d.I am using my spare pc at the moment.

  GaT7 11:53 31 Jan 2011

Then you'll need to connect it up to the spare PC & see if you can access/save data off it before it goes completely.

Also run the diagnostics tools as suggested, but only AFTER you have saved your data. G

  BRYNIT 12:00 31 Jan 2011

You could try putting the drive into another computer or use a HD caddy. If you have the same problem the HD has failed.

  ripendigging 12:13 31 Jan 2011

I have just removed the h/d and it has the name WHITE LABEL. Googled it and I see it is a refurbished drive,I bought this PC Nov.2008 brand new with dual core processors 4gb ram and Vista Ultimate,why would they fit a refurbished H/D.If theH/D has packed up does that mean I have lost my complete system?

  GaT7 12:41 31 Jan 2011

No, you have not lost your whole system - just the hard drive & possibly the data on it.

You can replace the drive with a working one & reinstall Vista - you did get a recovery/install disc & product key for the latter, didn't you? G

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