SATA Hard Drive problems.

  clayton 18:50 20 May 2005

Ive just formated my pc & installed xp on my ide drive, having connected my second sata drive i am unable to open the drive windows just asking if i want to format the drive, in my computer the drive file system is shown as RAW with 0 free & 0 used space.
Thanks for any help you can give.

  Dorsai 19:12 20 May 2005


  clayton 21:43 20 May 2005

bump again.

  Joe R 21:52 20 May 2005


you could try this, right click on my computer, choose manage, go to storage, then disk management.

if your drive is listed here, you should be able to right click, and format it.

  Djohn 22:03 20 May 2005

Have a look here for full instructions and an excellent guide to your issue, full instructions step by step on how to format or initialise a second drive. click here

  clayton 22:10 20 May 2005

the drive has files on that i want to keep so dont want to format it, just checking your link thanks Djohn.

  clayton 10:28 21 May 2005

I cant see anything there that would help, the sata drive im trying to add was working fine before i formatted my ide drive.

  Joe R 11:18 21 May 2005


This may be what you are looking for. click here

  clayton 11:28 21 May 2005

thanks joe sounds like it could work, but are you 100% sure if i convert back to fat 32 that i wont loose any of the files on the sata drive ??

  Joe R 11:33 21 May 2005


I cannot be 100% sure about it, but I've converted a few drives from NTF to Fat32, and vice versa, with no missing or corrupt files.

  clayton 17:38 21 May 2005

Partition magic will only let me convert to a logical partition, will this be ok ?

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