Sata Drives

  Cesar 09:54 25 Feb 2005

In the Forum I have seen many references to the above, can any one enlighten me wat a SATA drive is and how it works. Thank You.

  Chegs ® 10:16 25 Feb 2005

Simplest explanation is a SATA HDD is a faster drive than the IDE.Their connecting cables are very much smaller,and they can be "hot swapped"(removed whilst switched on)

  TomJerry 10:37 25 Feb 2005

drivers are the same (not faster), only the data communication is assumed to be faster (150mbps vs 100mbps or 133mbps).

In realyapplications, NO different what so ever becuase the slowest part of HDD is mechnically spinning plates not data communication.

If you really want faster HDDs, you need to get spining speed 10k rpm (most are 7.2rpm). Alternatively, you can put two HDDs in Raid 0 (stripped) configuration which spread load between two HDDs

  Cesar 09:57 26 Feb 2005

Thank you Chegs and TomJerry for the useful information.

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