SATA Drive Not Found

  Spiderbrow 21:20 13 Mar 2005

I have two IDE hard drives installed; one has Windows XP, the other has data. Bought Western Digital 200GB drive and installed on Primary SATA. Installed "Via" 8237 SATA/RAID drivers. Drive is not recognized during BIOS boot-up. Comes back with "No Drive" for both SATA channels.

My system:
AMD 3400+
Asus K8V SE Deluxe m/b
BIOS: AMIBIOS (w/latest update)
Chipset: Via K8T800 / 8237 southbridge
Primary IDE: IBM 80GB (Windows XP boot) and WD 25GB
Secondary IDE: Plextor DVD+/-R/RW and 50X CD-ROM
Primary SATA: WD 200GB SATA

1) I wanted to simply add an SATA drive like this for data. Don't want to run RAID. Do SATA drives still need to be installed in pairs?
2) Does having two IDE drives installed screw up trying to install any SATA drives?
3) Anyone know of a site or FAQ that can help me? I bought the drive OEM-style so, outside of buying the SecureConnect SATA cable, I have nothing but the drive.


do u have sata enabled in the bios?

  rbolwell2 22:03 13 Mar 2005

SATA drives do not need to be installed in pairs but make you you have Sata enabled in the bios.

Have you attched the SATA power cable to the drive and the PSU. Its no good just having a power cable in the drive doesent run.

  Chegs ® 22:44 13 Mar 2005

I found the SATA cables to be a sloppy fit into HDD,cured with a blob of "BlueTack"

Also found I have to stop bootup for a few minutes(only from cold)by entering BIOS setup,or one of my SATA drives is "Not Found"(usually the one carrying OS)Permanent cure = Put OS on IDE drive,and use SATA pair as giant storage(240Gb!)

  FelixTCat 23:06 13 Mar 2005

Provided that you have the SATA driver installed, you can install any combination of SATA and IDE drives you wish. You do not have to install SATA drives in pairs.

My main pc has 2 IDE drives and 1 SATA drive. I have XP installed on the master IDE drive AND the SATA drive. I can select which drive to boot from in the BIOS - I use the SATA installation as a testbed.

I do not recall that the SATA drive appears in the BIOS at all except where the BIOS offers me a choice of boot drive; my BIOS lists all 3 hard drives in the boot list and I have to remember which is which when I want to change boot order.

The cables are not such a firm fit as IDE cables but this is not a real issue with the case closed.

  Chegs ® 00:46 14 Mar 2005

I agree with you on BIOS,mine only lists them as a boot option.The only reason I enter BIOS screen is to give the hdd's a chance to fire up.I rarely turn the PC off so have no need to enter BIOS.I dont change any BIOS settings normally,its just more convenient for me as I occasionally change whats switched on (onboard LAN/IE1394,etc)and it beats looking at a bit of text on a black background. :-)

The sloppy connectors accounted for a few "Not Found" errors until I bluetacked them in the 1st few months of ownership of this mobo.

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