SATA drive failing frequently

  chrismuir 21:37 14 Jun 2007


My OS (XP home) is on a SATA drive, with a second SATA drive for backing up my important files etc. The PC has started freezing randomly, and when rebooting the first SATA drive is not being found so that the PC can't boot. If I leave it for a while, it is ok, but i don't imagine this is going to survive for long. The drive does seem to be making a lot more noise than before.

If I bought a new drive, is it possible to copy the contents of the main drive across and then to use the new drive as my 'C' drive. Or do I need to reinstall everything onto the new drive from scratch?



  skidzy 22:18 14 Jun 2007

Acronis TI 10 will do exactly as you ask,you can create a clone of your current disc and install this to the new drive.

It costs around £25.00 but money well spent.

The sooner the better by the sound of it.

Though some new drives have software to help with the transfer of an old drive.

  skidzy 22:20 14 Jun 2007

Acronis from amazon click here just about the cheapest about.

  ArrGee 22:21 14 Jun 2007

Seems as though the drive might be on it's way out if it's making a lot of noise.

Personally, I would go through a long winded suggestion of removing the drive, buying the equivalent of an external caddy for the SATA drive, plug the drive into the caddy and set your BIOS to run from USB.

When I say 'equivalent', you can buy a SATA/IDE to USB connector for around £30 from Maplins, but it's just a set of connectors and cables, no box.

Once that is plugged in and BIOS is set, load up the PC and copy any important files to your second drive as a backup.

Then format the main drive and re-install XP Home (on the basis that you have the XP Home complete installation discs to hand with keys)

If you don't have the keys to hand, turn the PC on as you have been, wait for the full system to load then download Belarc Advisor (click here) where you can find the serials. Make a note of the serial before formating.

Do a full format, re-install the drive and re-sinatll XP.

  chrismuir 11:25 15 Jun 2007

Thanks, plenty to consider.

  Quiet Life 14:09 15 Jun 2007

I do not believe Arrgee's suggestion would work. Windows is on that drive and Windows is designed not to run from an external drive.
click here XXclone is a free utility which you can download from here and works well. You can clone your number 1 SATA drive to the number 2 SATA . On my PC if I hit F1 at the start I get various options of where to boot from and selecting the cloned drive it is exactly as the original. If I had to use the back up clone, should the number 1 drive fail, I would transfer the lead to SATA 1 slot as Windows atomatically boots from there. The whole operation is pretty easy.

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