sata drive causes win 98 to hang

  vinnny 21:09 19 Jun 2004

I've just installed a Maxtor Plus 9 160GB SATA drive on to my PC that already has 2x IDE 120GB drives and a single 40GB IDE drive.
I've disabled RAID in BIOS
I dual boot win98SE/XP pro.
SATA drive picked up in BIOS without problems
Boots into XP no problems - drive formatted NTFS
Booting in win 98: windows states has found new hardware and starts to install Primary IDE channel. It then hangs.
I've tried repeatedly to get into win98 but it hangs every time.
I got into Safe Mode once, but now I can't seem to access this either.
I assumed (?wrongly) that by formatting NTFS, win98 wouldn't pick it up.

Spec: P4 2.8, 512 ram, Mobo- Gigabyte 8IK1100

Can anyone help me to get win98 to work?


  THE TERMINATOR 00:20 20 Jun 2004

you assumed right vinny, windows 98 will not recognise NTFS. Only XP and ME will read this file system. What you need is a program like PARTITION MAGIC to change the NTFS file system to FAT32, then win98 will be able to read the drive....TT

  Chegs ® 01:56 20 Jun 2004

I'm not sure but I think you may have to start again.Convert the hdd to FAT32,partition it,load 98 1st,then XP,etc.You might have a bit of trouble partitioning unless you use the XP install CD to format/partition.The biggest problem I had using the XP CD was everytime I created a partition,XP would then start to install itself there instead of letting me backtrack to continue creating D:/E:/ etc.I now use the PM rescue floppys to partition/format them,then the XP CD to format them again as it seems my XP is more stable than if I just used PM.

I used DI to image my 98se install,then unpacked it to a partition and updated the boot.ini to include 98se using PM.This was due to my 2x SATA 120Gb RAID hdd's not being detected at all when trying to install 98se 1st.I gave up on 98se due to so many hassles created by 1Gb RAM,which my XP needs to keep it running rapidly.

  vinnny 12:23 20 Jun 2004

Thanks for the response
I have managed to boot into win98 now by disabling ESDI_506.PDR file which is in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS folder.
Win 98 now runs in MS-dos compatibility mode. Device manager shows Primary/secondary IDE controllers with exclamation marks.
I read somewhere that the ESDI_506.PDR file is not compatabible with Win 98 and needs to be updated
Does anyone knwo where I can get this updated file from?


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