SATA Drive Cage?

  silverous 08:57 09 Feb 2007


I'm looking to add another hard disk (SATA) to my PC. The existing disk is in some kind of 'clip' that slots into a cage. On our PCs at work the clip and cage is different.

Is there any kind of standard? I presume I'll need one of these for the new hard disk.

Also - do I need a special cable or just any old SATA cable?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:32 09 Feb 2007

Make model of PC?

You could always add an external drive.

  Totally-braindead 09:40 09 Feb 2007

I've seen different types of cages so I think its debatable that there is any sort of standard but as Fruit Bat/\0/\ says make and model of PC could run it down. His suggestion of an external drive is also a good idea. If you already have the drive you can get enclosures even SATA ones which connect via USB 2.0 or Firewire and they are very reasonably priced too.

  silverous 10:25 09 Feb 2007

It is Mesh. I forget the model. I want this to be my main hard disk and have it internal, I already have an external drive.

While I appreciate the help an external drive as the main bootable drive when the system has room for internal drives seems to be a bit of a hammer and nut scenario!

  Diemmess 10:40 09 Feb 2007

If you mean the HD is removable without taking the sides off the case, then it sounds like a Hard Drive Bay, and probably every make is different!

Or do you mean the method of mounting the HD within the case is different?
The case manufacturers often move the goal posts, but adding another HD regardless of its pecking order within the OS, is usually a matter of finding a space inside and securing the extra hard disk by whatever means you can.

  silverous 10:56 09 Feb 2007

Thanks Diemess - no definitely need to take the case off.

The method of mounting within - I've had this on two different PCs lately. One Dell one Mesh.

There's a device screwed onto the hard disk which then allows it to slot into the bay inside the case which has approximately (from memory) 3 or 4 spare slots of this kind. Perhaps I should ask Mesh if they have any spare!

I'm a bit nervous about not securing it correctly in case that impacts performance/lifespan in any way.

  Diemmess 12:37 09 Feb 2007

May not be ideal..... but-

Provided a HD is not able to wander about all over the place, it really doesn't matter if there are only about 2 screws anchoring the thing in place.

Good ventilation and sound cable connection is enough. Even with the correct ironmongery the placement is always governed by available space.

When trying a change of position or just checking HD contents, you can temporarily let a HD dangle any which way provided there is no disturbance while switched on.

  Totally-braindead 19:58 09 Feb 2007

I know this may not look all that great but you can just create your own drive space with metal straps and self tappers. I did this on a friends PC who wanted a second hard drive but whos computer had no space for one.
I actually used the metal left over from a PC case when you punch out the back panels for the graphics card etc.
Only thing I would say if you do decide to do this is use the proper screws to mount the hard drive as you don't really want to strip the threads or use something that is too long and can effect the drive.
Alternatively if that sort of DIY job doesn't appeal and you have a spare 5.25" drive bay(thats the CD ROM ones) you could get an external unit to fit into there for a hard drive. click here but overdue or click here or click here I just gave you 3 and never paid enough attention you'll have to check which are SATA and which are IDE but you get the idea.

  woodchip 20:01 09 Feb 2007

Why not make one out of a bit of aly

  silverous 09:19 13 Feb 2007

Looked again inside the case yesterday as the hard disk had arrived and noticed lots of bracket type things screwed into the case - spare Hard Drive brackets to fit the slots! Yippee!

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