SATA Connectors on an Asus P5LD2 Asus mboard

  AllThumbs 13:20 25 Oct 2007

I want to try and install a second sata drive to create a dual boot system (both boots running Windows XP). This is to get around different software interfering with each other on the same drive.

The motherboard which is an Asus P5LD2-SE has 4 Sata connectors on it, one of which(SATA 1 Red) is currently occupied by the internal boot drive (a 250gb Maxtor). The connectors are colour coded SATA 1&2 being Red and and SATA 3&4 being black. So there's above and below a red and above and below a black.

The motherboard manual says that boot disks should go to SATA 1 or 2 and data to 3&4, however the sound card currently in place seems to block SATA2 and 4. As neither disk is really going to be a data disk and I've no intention to try for any kind of RAID set up would there be any harm in using the SATA 3 connector? (I could move the sound card but that will reduce the air flow around the graphics card and add it's own complications.)

  crosstrainer 15:47 25 Oct 2007

Fine, just a slight, virtually unnoticeable drop in access time.

  Quiet Life 16:09 25 Oct 2007

Using XXclone which is free you could clone your present C drive to your new drive and make it bootable. You would then have the option of booting to either drive.

  AllThumbs 16:10 25 Oct 2007

Cheers for that.

I also contacted the system builder who agrees with you and says in fact that the order of connection is only particularly relevant with regard to setting up a RAID system.

Many thanks

  AllThumbs 16:15 25 Oct 2007

Cheers for the suggestion but I'm gonna install xp onto the second disk and then just put games on it.

That way a session on the pc will either be games or other depending on which disk I boot to.

I don't want to do a mirror of the current drive as I don't know what's causing the cross interference except that it's most likely one of my more serious utils or progs.

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