SATA boot problem

  [email protected] 20:33 11 May 2006


I was helping a friend with some computer problems and they decided to swap their PC at home with the one they use at work (because of the shape of them - horizontal/vertical). I was going to remove the hard drive from one computer, slave it up in the other one and then transfer some files. However when I removed the drive I realised it was a SATA drive and that the other computer's motherboard did not support SATA so I put it back. I had also transferred a wireless network card from the SATA computer to the other.

I then tried to boot the SATA computer. First thing that appeared was a message saying that something had changed. This is where I think I made the mistake - I assumed it was referring to the removed network card and one of the options said something like press F1 to load default values which stupidly I did (I was in a slight rush). It continued until stopping with the following message:

"Non-System disk or disk error
replace and strike any key when ready"

Firstly I have checked the floppy disk drive as I know this can cause this message however there is no disk in it.

I've looked through the BIOS settings, particularly boot order but there is nothing there that resembles a hard drive. The only choices are IDE CD-ROM drive, Diskette Drive, USB device, Broadcom Ethernet controller.

Another thing I noticed when this was happening was that during the POST it was saying "Media Test Failed, Check cable". I found some help through Google and disabling the LAN during the boot sequence has got rid of that message so I don't know if it’s actually relevant to my problem or was just saying that because it couldn't boot from the hard drive so tried the LAN.

Another thing that has worried me is that I loaded the computer up using 'The Ultimate Windows Boot CD' which contains lots of utilities including Everest. I looked on this and it made no mention at all of the hard drive being present. I loaded command prompt and typed C: but said it could not locate the drive. I'm hoping the CD just lacks support for SATA as it is a few years old but I suspect that might be wishful thinking.

I have checked the connections several times and they all seem fine. (There’s one power and one data cable connected to the drive, no jumper settings).

I found from Everest that the motherboard is a HP 09E0h.

This is really driving me round the bend and the worst part is that it’s not even my computer that I've wrecked! Please, can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:45 11 May 2006

You will need to make sure the PC is set to boot from the SATA drive. To do this make the first boot device SATA if the option is available. If not you have two options: HD0 - If there are no IDE HDs present, or SCSI if you do plan on running an IDE HD as a secondary device.
Sometimes a board can show the drives all as IDE channels usually 234&5 are the sata drive channels

  [email protected] 20:50 11 May 2006

Thanks for the reply

The only things listed in the boot order are:

IDE CD-ROM drive
Diskette Drive
USB Device
Broadcom Ethernet controller

None of those appear to refere to a hard drive

PS. There are no other IDE hard drives in the system.


  ed-0 20:51 11 May 2006

Setting the bios back to defaults has probably mucked up most of the setting, as you probably know:-(

Enter the bios and go to th advanced chipset page ( if it's there. haven't found a manual yet ) On the boot seqeunce. What is listed





look in the setting for either other devices or SCSI. Set this to your second boot. Save settings and exit.

Worth a try.

  ed-0 20:52 11 May 2006

I should of refreshed after looking for the manual;-)

  ed-0 21:00 11 May 2006

Is this the machine? click here

manual click here

  [email protected] 23:52 11 May 2006

I think its just the bigger and vertical version of that one (same model number).

I'm at home now so won't have a chance to look at it again for a few days but in the meantime I'll have a look through the manual.


  ed-0 06:39 12 May 2006

Then it's probably this one. click here

manuals are on the left, it's probably the same one.

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