amartin1908 14:08 10 Jun 2008

Formatted hard drive and went to reinstall Vista. Hard drive not recognised. Bought a new hard drive thinking it was fried, and I have the same problem. Manufacturer gave me a driver which is useless as its not recognised.

  johndrew 15:22 10 Jun 2008

When you formatted the drive was it in basic or dynamic?

I presume this is on a PC you were using until you suffered a HDD failure but you provide few details for anyone to work with.

  chub_tor 15:26 10 Jun 2008

Is the hard drive recognised in the BIOS?

If so when Vista is installed from a CD it gives you the option to format the hard drive first. Vista has its own SATA drivers and picked up my new one on installation.

  amartin1908 15:29 10 Jun 2008

Sorry - its a laptop.

I upgraded the memory and for some reason the DVD drive wouldnt work, so I formatted the hard drive using Kill Disc. Then tried reinstalling windows etc

Drive is recognised in Bios, however the format disc option is disabled

  chub_tor 15:38 10 Jun 2008

If the Format Disk option is diabled then the drive is already formatted. Did you format it in NTFS? Sorry but I have never used KillDisk and I can't quite understand how you formatted the hard drive with it if the DVD drive isn't working - or did you format it on a different PC.

  Ditch999 15:45 10 Jun 2008

Possible dodgy memory?
Put the old working memory back in and try to install Vista.

  amartin1908 15:51 10 Jun 2008

have done all of that and still not working

  Ditch999 16:58 10 Jun 2008

Are you sure Kill Disk actually formats the disk? I thought it was an eraser utility which overwrites all sectors with zeros.
If you have an XP or W2K CD you could try putting it in the CD drive and booting from it just to format the drive, then put in your Vista DVD. (did you get the CD drive working again?)
Most drive manufacturers have hard disk utilities to reset hard drives.
If both the hard drive and the CD drive are not working it might be a motherboard issue.

  amartin1908 17:10 10 Jun 2008

cd is working again. I will get him to try formatting the hard drive from xp and reinstalling vista and see what happens

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