VNAM75 19:35 09 Mar 2005

Can anyone tell me if Serial ATA 2 is backward compatible with normal SATA? I'm looking at the MSI K8N SLI Platinum motherboard, which has SATA 2 but the harddrive I've got is a Maxtor SATA drive. Thanks.

  great1 20:19 09 Mar 2005

I think SATA2 is a reference that the mobo has two SATA connectors on the board

but i am no expert

  great1 21:18 09 Mar 2005

Just had a look at the motherboard manual and it states SATAII transfer rate up to 300MB/S whereas SATA1 = up to 150MB/S
So it looks like my first statement is incorrect
Maybe someone else can tell you if it is backward compatable


  gudgulf 21:18 09 Mar 2005

Read this click here

You will be able to connect your SATA drive to that motherboard as it supports SATA,SATA2 and IDE sos you can connect an awful lot od drives if you want,lol click here

  bjh 21:38 09 Mar 2005

SATA 2 connectors are fully backward compatable with SATA 1 drives (likeUSB2 and USB1). There aren't many SATA 2 drives out there yet, and they aren't particularly faster. But, just like SATA 1, they will pick up in a few months time.

I've got that same motherboard (MSI Neo4)and have 3 SATA and 2 older ide drives connected. Works brilliantly.

  VNAM75 22:23 09 Mar 2005

Thanks everyone. Is the MSI SLI Platinum board better than the ASUS SLI Deluxe? Haven't been able to make my mind up!

  goonerbill © ® 22:28 09 Mar 2005

i dont have either mobo but in tests, the the MSI board comes out on top by quite a bit.

am thinking of upgrading soon (other half permitting lol) and will be getting the MSI board.

  goonerbill © ® 22:30 09 Mar 2005

sorry, disregard last statement and swap MSI for ASUS, knocked the spots of benchmarking progs.

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