Sat Nav screen reflection.

  audeal 22:40 14 Apr 2008

Two years ago I purchased a Sat Nav, Namely the Mio A201. As with all satnavs it has a glass screen and reflects the daylight when it is bright outside the car. No matter where I place the sat nav I can't stop this reflection from blotting out the screen. It evens reflects my shirt back at me. It is sometimes impossible to view the screen while driving.

Can anybody tell me if there is any such item that will stop this reflection and allow me to view the screen. Possibly a plastic cover to cover the screen or maybe even some kind of spray which will stop the reflection.

I have never heard of anything that will do this but somebody out there may know of a solution to this problem which all who use these sat navs suffer from and may benefit from such a solution.

Many thanks. Audeal.

  woodchip 22:47 14 Apr 2008

Make a Hood to fit round it. Top and Sides

  Fingees 22:49 14 Apr 2008

You may be able to find a polaroid filter to fit.

I know there is a spray, as when I worked in the film industry, it was used to stop lights reflecting on car windscreens.

Just an idea, but, unfortunately can't think of where to purchase.

  woodchip 23:02 14 Apr 2008
  audeal 23:05 14 Apr 2008

Thanks Woodchip but when I put my hands around the screen to shade it, it does not seem to help at all as the screen is pointing straight at me and my shirt reflects in it and I can't put anything in front of the screen, so I don't think a hood or anything like that would work, but I do like the Spray idea from Fingees, if only he could get his brain working enough to remember what it is called and where to purchase it from. Please let me know if you remember Fingees. I think I will try Googling for it and see if anything comes up.

Any other suggestions most welcome.


  sinbads 23:17 14 Apr 2008

Why not buy a cheap pair of polaroid sun glasses

  audeal 12:39 15 Apr 2008

Will Polaroid sun glasses stop the reflection on the glass? I don't think so, or am I wrong?

  woodchip 13:29 15 Apr 2008

yes they can work, I cannot ware them as I us normal glasses

  tullie 13:45 15 Apr 2008

Never had this problem with mine,but have a few suggestions;
Dont look at screen when driving,its dangerous anyway.
Change your car
Take your shirt off.
Drive at night.
Get your passenger to look at it,if no passenger,offer someone a lift.
Dont put hands round screen when doing between 0 and 70 mph.

  sinbads 14:10 15 Apr 2008

You have obiously not worn polaroids before.

"So what are Polarised sunglasses and how do they work? Sunlight consists of light rays that radiate outward in all directions. When sunlight strikes a flat surface some light rays are reflected. Polarised lenses were developed with the idea of eliminating the reflection. Fisherman and boaters were the first people to use polarized lenses, by adding a polarized filter it eliminated the glare from the surface of the sunglasses, soon afterwards the effect of polarised sunglasses could be seen whilst at the beach, driving, sailing, playing golf or skiing"

To change what is being reflected back to you change the angle by placing your satnav in a different position.

from my old physic's days,

The angle of incidence = the angle of reflectance

If it has to be directly in front of you wear a black shirt :-)

  sinbads 14:13 15 Apr 2008

you can get polaroid clipons click here

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