sat nav - how often do you update?

  pookie 13:38 01 Aug 2008


just got a navman s50 3D of uk and ireland for a big journey tomorrow. way i read it it has maps preinstalled and cd with it is for extra bits. you can also use the cd to install software to check for updates. I am on work pc so can't install software. as this sat nav version (v2) is new to the market with maps pre installed should i worry about not updating the maps etc before tomorrow?

  oldbeefer2 13:49 01 Aug 2008

It would be as well to if you can, but think how few roads change over the years! I do mine around once a year!

  sunny staines 14:45 01 Aug 2008

i dont bother to update the maps or software just the free camera poi's from poiedit

  Bagsey 15:10 01 Aug 2008

I would go along with sunny staines. In the 3.5 years that I have been using my Tom Tom Go I have never yet updated the maps and have nad no more trouble than my friend who spends about £60.00 pounds every year to update his. The way prices are going it will soon be cheaper to buy a new machine than updating the maps. The major problem is knowing what you will get with each new update as the makers are really in the hands of the map makers, and they seem to pick on only the BIG road changes. The road changes that are most likely to cause you agro are the little ones the various councils make to traffic flow in towns, ie. one way streets. Keep your POIs and Post Codes upto date and your navigator will get you there despite all of the councils best efforts. Provided you listen to what it tells you to do.

  Salut 15:56 01 Aug 2008

Hmm! I feel I cannot agree with the comments made so far. I have the Tom Tom One XL and at first did not update, until I found roads that were dead ends, rat runs blocked off and even a new roundabout! I now update each month. You only need note the number of changes to realise the importance of keeping up to date.

Not far from home traffic lights are being installed at a junction that has, till now, been a roundabout. No big deal, but the SatNav details will be different. If you don't know the area it will be so easy to blame the SatNav for being wrong...

I rest my fingers/keyboard

  Belatucadrus 16:06 01 Aug 2008

So far never, but if I encounter problems where road changes cause grief I'll consider it.
Problem is that by the time I've paid for the update subscription & connectivity pack I may as well buy a new one.

  sinbads 16:59 01 Aug 2008

I've had my TT for a few years now never upgraded the map, not really had any problems, even if you make a wrong turn TT just re-routes you to your destination.

£60 is ott for me, I do keep my poi cameras up todate not that i'm a boy racer ;but better to be aware than be caught out by some new obscure new camera, click here.

You can get my TT GO 510 for £140 click here Don't see how they can justify that amount and don't forget even if you do upgrade it'll probably be a few months out of date.

  Woolwell 17:07 01 Aug 2008

I update my TomTom on a regular basis. I get the QuickGPS data which is supposed to speed up the GPS find and the map share corrections. These don't cost me anything.

  sinbads 17:16 01 Aug 2008

true ;but we are talking updating the map

  rdave13 17:20 01 Aug 2008

Tomtom one and updated maps for £39 on offer. First time in two years. The good thing with sat-navs is the voice guide will tell you to turn right at a junction, if you find it's a roundabout then still take a right..;). Don't panic if you take the wrong exit as it will re-set the route in no time.

  anchor 09:42 04 Aug 2008

I have no idea about Navman, but TomTom have a 30 day latest map guarantee.

If, within 30 days of purchase, you find that a newer map is available, TomTom allow you to download the latest map free. Perhaps Navman have the same arrangement. Check and see.

Obviously, even though you have just bought it, it may have been hanging around for some while.

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