sat-nav charging

  john-m 21:14 05 Feb 2008

I own an Acer V200 sat-nav, as recommended in PCAdvisor last year. One good feature is that it can be charged from a car's cigarette lighter. One One bad feature is that it can't be charged from anything else. Or can it? (USB???)

  sinbads 21:21 05 Feb 2008

I have a tom tom I'm sure you will not be able to charge it via usb ;but you can use a 240v ac to 12v dc adaptor to charge it.
my tom tom came with both but you should be able to get one from maplins for a few quid be sure its 12dv not ac

  Eric10 21:25 05 Feb 2008

Found this on ebay click here

  STREETWORK 21:34 05 Feb 2008

My navman and PDa tomtom will charge up with mains, car or usb. do not like the usb really as it reduces the power output to other things like webcam and printer...

  woodchip 22:55 05 Feb 2008

I use a Car Battery booster to plug into when in the house. I have a Tom Tom and a Acer PDA with TomTom Loaded on it

  woodchip 22:56 05 Feb 2008

The Car starter type

  eedcam 22:59 05 Feb 2008

My tom tom is charged via usb got the charger on ebay for around a fiver Have alook in your local Auto accessories shop they probaly got 240v to cigar socket adaptors

  BT 08:35 06 Feb 2008

"I use a Car Battery booster to plug into when in the house."

That's what I do with my Navman. They want a silly price for the mains adaptor, and using the Car Starter makes sure I keep it charged, as its one of those things that you forget to do on a regular basis and its sure to be flat when you most need it.

  Eric10 10:37 06 Feb 2008

Or something like this. click here

  john-m 11:58 06 Feb 2008

Thanks to one and all for ideas. I'll probably take up one of yours, Eric10.

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