sandboxi ?? your opinions please

  acein1 21:18 05 Dec 2008

hi,anyone using this prog,? all opinions good or bad appreciated thanks

  brundle 21:24 05 Dec 2008

you mean SandboxIE? Not a bad idea, akin to Protected Mode in Vista. I have tried it and it seemed to do what it said on the tin, but personally I'd use Firefox in preference to IE at any rate. Not that FF guarantees safety in the same way a sandbox does but the lack of ActiveX among other things makes FF more secure in the first place.

  acein1 21:37 05 Dec 2008

thanks for your reply,i dont use f/f,have never seen any reason to use another browser other than i/e, (but thats my opinion) but i also know a lot of people would not agree with that,any other opinions on "sandboxie" would be welcome thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:21 05 Dec 2008

Far too OTT. I assume that you are a home user and not linked to the GCHQ network. A decent, free Av (AVG or Avast) and Malwarebytes (free version) will be more than enough.


  acein1 22:37 05 Dec 2008

thanks "gandalf",i do have plenty of other security on board,avast,malwarebites,superantispyware,etc,always like to see your answers to any question ,and respect your opinion many thanks

  iambeavis 22:43 05 Dec 2008

I've been using Sandboxie for some time now - it can be used with any browser, not just Internet Explorer.

Any programme can be run in Sandboxie and it's handy for installing programmes that you wish to try out as they are installed in the sandbox and, if you want to get rid of them, you just delete the default box and create a new box leaving no trace of the programme behind, i.e. obsolete registry entries.

Anything in the default box is confined to the default box and cannot interfere with the main OS which means that if your browser picks up a "nasty" you just delete the box and no harm is done.

I haven't run an AV in "real time" mode for some time now as I delete the default box every time I shut down Firefox and start a fresh box for the next session - but any software, or anything else, I download is subjected to an "on demand scan" and I also do an "on demand scan" every week.

I wouldn't be without it.

  audeal 07:34 06 Dec 2008

I guess I am not with it these days,I have never heard of this software before. All this talk about SandboxIE and not a link in site. How about a link here so we "not so with it" chaps can find out about this piece of gear.

  PoppABear 07:54 06 Dec 2008

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