samsung tv picture poor

  mr molly 22:28 10 Aug 2010

hi all
just fitted an ew lcd 46 samsung on wall at my mates buried one hdmi cable in wall ready when he gets new sky box at some time also buried 3m scart for dvd player thought until he gets new sky use scart for tv straight into sky replacing old scart from old tv (still sat about 5ft away) swapped scarts over into back of sky box thinking picture would be great picture is about 60% worse then his old tv which is about 10 years old very poor even tried another scart bypassing the one buried in wall but same picture poor. couldnt even turn in built in freeview main aerial goes staight into sky as well but have freeview in other room on same aerial so know aerial ok
ps he has old sky box no sky + on it

any help please

  rdave13 22:36 10 Aug 2010

With the built in freeview I'd try connecting straight to the tv, not through the sky box. As for the sky/scart connection, mine seems very good but had to adjust contrast, brightness and colour on 'normal' viewing. Try some of the others such as 'cinema' and whatever else it shows.

  woodchip 22:38 10 Aug 2010

Have you tried settings menu in the TV for Picture?????

  mr molly 22:39 10 Aug 2010

the picture is that poor that to adjust contrast, brightness and colour is not going to make much differance ( i did try that)

  woodchip 22:40 10 Aug 2010

Just what exactly do you mean by poor picture?

Is it grainy picture or what

  mr molly 22:41 10 Aug 2010

very grainy flickers

  woodchip 22:45 10 Aug 2010

sounds like the Ariel in the loft, or faulty connection from TV to it

  rdave13 22:46 10 Aug 2010

With sky/scart have you picked the right source such as ext-1 or ext-2 or what others listed.
On freeview with co-ax direct to tv have you tried re-tuning?

  mr molly 22:51 10 Aug 2010

only one scart on tv 2 on sky box put it same one as old tv was pugged in ( but did try other) can understand freeview problem could be aerial but picture on sky cant understand all ive done is unplugged old scart plugged in new one also tried a diff scart thing lead could be dogdy

  woodchip 22:51 10 Aug 2010

If you are using a Sky dish, the connections on both ends need checking with Power off. If they as I think they are Screw fittings try remaking the ends, as bad connections hear will degrade the picture

  mr molly 22:54 10 Aug 2010

ive never unplugged sky cable pic on old tv picture is fine

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