Samsung TV - No headphone socket.

  cqms 02:37 28 Mar 2014

Having had Samsung 42"tv for 8 years and recently purchased Aves wireless External speaker and wireless headphones, which operated beautifully from the headphone socket - the tv up and died. I purchase 43" Samsung which has all the trimmings - HD/PIP etc - but no headphone socket. Do I bin the speaker and headphones or is there a way round? Cqms

  BRYNIT 08:10 28 Mar 2014

After 30 minuets of reading and searching my TV I eventually found mine.

Look at the back of your TV, if you find small protruding squares with a small hole one will be the headphone socket maybe the one at the top.

  BRYNIT 08:12 28 Mar 2014

Forgot to say the writing to indicate what the socket is for is small and the same colour as the back so get a torch so you can read it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:23 01 Apr 2014

Do I bin the speaker and headphones - ebay

Lack of output connections - no scart, no headphone, no audio out, makes life extremely difficult

I'm sure you don't want to open it up but the easiest and cheapest way would be to splice a 3.5 jack socket direct to the speaker connections and feed the cable out via tone of the air vent slots :0)

1]: [click here

  Woolwell 20:34 01 Apr 2014

A DAC as ßeta has suggested should work.

  Woolwell 20:35 01 Apr 2014
  BRYNIT 00:38 03 Apr 2014


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  sunnystaines 08:46 03 Apr 2014

how on earth did samsung release a tv with no headphone sockets, have you contacted the store to replace for a another set.

  alanrwood 09:59 03 Apr 2014

As the item is not actually faulty and is as the design spec the shop has no requirement to change it unless it is a goodwill gesture.

  sunnystaines 12:21 03 Apr 2014

I would still ask while its new.

  Woolwell 14:49 03 Apr 2014

MechKB - The model number has already been posted and it does not have a headphone socket. Hence the DAC suggestions.

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