Samsung tocco lite charger problem

  stormrider123 16:32 11 Feb 2011

i have had a samsung tocco lite for 8 months now but recently when i plug the phone into mains charger the phone thinks its connected via a data cable and keeps askin me to slect either mass storage pc studio or media player like it would when i plug in a usb data cable

when i turn of the phone and charge it shows a loading bar then it shows a half full battery charging then it reboots and does the same thing over and over agian

is there a prob with my phone

  robin_x 19:28 11 Feb 2011

It's likely.

I have a SGH-G600 slidephone, at 15 months old, light use, developed random charging faults and would power off and refuse to power on.

Tried another compatible Samsung charger and new battery but eventually found if I twisted the phone very gently it would behave for a few minutes or hours. (hold phone and imagine unscrewing a jam jar lid)

ie dodgy connection or Motherboard joint.

I wouldn't recommend you try anything of the sort (danger of cracking the screen)

Take it back, it's under warranty.

  stormrider123 21:22 11 Feb 2011

i hve decided to tke it back to carphone warehouse to see what they will do itz unlikly tht thyl replace it 4 fre cuz i dunt hve geksquad insurance but il see wat they can do and also it has developed another sometimes it charges even though the charger iz unplugged so even when i take of the charger the battery still moves up and down and the usb select menu styl comes up evn though itz plugged into mains

Du u reckon it culd be water damage or sumfink?

  stormrider123 11:18 12 Feb 2011

Well here is what happenes when i plug in the MAINS charger while the phone is on:
click here

and this is what happenes when i plug in ma Mains charger when the phone is off:
click here

Any one got any ides on wat the problem could be?

  woodchip 11:29 12 Feb 2011

Is the phone turned off when you plug it into wall socket? it sounds like you have it still switched on

  stormrider123 11:36 12 Feb 2011

yes the first video itz on and onthe second one itz off when i plug it in to mains

  stormrider123 12:06 12 Feb 2011

It haz nw started to reboot randomly

and also al thewse things happened after i got home a 2 dayz ago it wz raining and i needed to call someone so when i called and then i was goin 2 put the phone bck some rainwater got near the top speakers i dried it of and put it back and wen i got home and plugged to charger then the first prob cme up

so culd this be water damage

  woodchip 13:56 12 Feb 2011

Take the battery out then let the Phone dry out where its warm not hot. then refit the battery

  stormrider123 14:48 12 Feb 2011

Tried tht as soon as i found the problem and also the phone hz gotten worse the upper part of the touch screen isnt responding and the rest of the tpuch screen iz badly calibrated e.g 1 to 2 cm off

Im gomma tke to cpw but before tht i wz wonderin if i shuld call ma network providet cuz ma fonez on comtract to see what they can do

  stormrider123 21:58 12 Feb 2011

OK so since samsung phones hve a manufactor warrenty of 24months as stated here
click here{79ae2a80-f9f3-11de-da00-000000000000}

im gonna tke it into the store to see what they can do

  stormrider123 22:00 12 Feb 2011

and im quite sure itz something to do with the charger port onthe phone becasue the actual functionality of the phone is good just anything tht is plugged into tht port doesnt owrk i tried ma usb headphones and chargers on an identical samsung tocco lite which iz ma friends and they worked fine so im certain itz ma phone and also ma phone is now reconigized by samsung pc studio anymore and when i try mass storage windows just says a message stating tht an un recongised device

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