Samsung SyncMaster 245B Boot Up Problem.

  Tayokia 08:05 06 Dec 2007

I have a new Samsung SyncMaster 245B, Windows XP and ATI card. Every time I reboot the screen reverts to 1600x1200 resolution (Shown in the screen menu) It appears to revert before windows opens, as the HP emblem is off centre as the PC first starts to boot up. The ATI is showing the correct res. (1920x1200). When the Samsung screen is connected to my colleagues PC the same thing happens.

We have found a fix: Connect my Samsung screen to his running PC that has been booted with a Sony screen (1920x1200) My Samsung then adopts 1920x1200 (shown on the screen menu). Boot up my PC with his Sony screen, the screen and PC running fine at 1920x1200. Leave the PC running and replace the Sony screen with my Samsung and all is once again running fine.

Has anyone got any idea how to overcome this boot up problem?

  xania 09:02 06 Dec 2007

If this is a new PC, I would resist the temptation to interfere with anythong without foirst speaking to the technical people at your suppliers. This may well be something you can fix yourself, but it may be an indication of something wrong which needs fixing under your warranty, which you could invalidate if nor careful.

  HCOOH 10:22 06 Dec 2007

Can you go to the "Schemes" tab and click on single default display. Not sure if it's your solution but worth checking.

  Tayokia 13:10 06 Dec 2007

Where would I find the 'Schemes Tab' ?
Thanks for your help.

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