Samsung software pop ups requiring permission on every login

  TSOS 16:41 21 Jul 2012

I've just bought a new Samsung laptop.

When either of the non-Administrator users (i.e. the kids) login they always get the following 3 pop ups that require an Administrator (i.e. me or the wife) to give permission for each of them to run:

SWM Agent, Easy Speed Up Manager & Smart Setting Program

Why do these programs need to be manually permitted by an Administrator on every login & what do I need to do to rectify this?

Of course it is possible for the kids to just "X" each pop up window away in turn (thus not permitting each piece of software to run) - which begs the question whether any of these are actually required & could be uninstalled from the laptop completely?

(There seems to be a huge amount of Samsung software on here & I don't really see the need for any of it. I don't recall my old Dells or HPs ever coming with so much manufacturer software on them).

  KRONOS the First 16:57 21 Jul 2012

I recently bought a Samsung laptop and I agree they come with far to much crapware on them, I actually un-installed it all. But you can stop the pop ups this way if you would rather keep the programs.

These tasks are scheduled by MS Task Scheduler, triggered by logon of any user, even users who do not have administrator privilege.

Start the task scheduler by typing "task" into the Start search area, or by starting Control Panel, typing "task" and look for Task Scheduler.

In Task Scheduler, on the left double-click Task Scheduler Library. Right click and End and Disable each one of those applications above you don't want, so that it isn't started next time: eg Battery Life Extender, Easy SpeedUpManager, SUPBackground. Should you decide to re-enable these utilities it is done the same way except you enable rather than disable.

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