SamSung sata hdd

  Shuffty 13:55 16 Jan 2011

my samsung 1.5 tb HD154UI sata hard disc which was in a external enclosure stopped working,when connected if i try to access it message says device not ready

I took it out of the caddy and installed it in the desktop pc on starting up the bios peeps and a message says disk 2 i/o fault press f1 to continue
when windows has booted up I check the disc management and the disc is showing as a empty drive requiring initialising,if i try to do so a message pops up unable i/o fault

what is a i/o fault and is the hard drive kaput

  961 14:04 16 Jan 2011

It could be a cable fault but if it is happening in both the external caddy and the hard drive enclosure within the desktop it could be a hard drive fault

Is there damage to the hard drive sata connecting pins?

How old is the drive?

  GaT7 14:06 16 Jan 2011

Can you right-click the drive in Disk Management & choose Properties? If yes, choose Tools > Check Now > tick both boxes in the Check Disk applet & click on Start.

Hard Disk Errors Caused by Damaged Data or Physical Damage click here - Scandisk mentioned there is the same as Check Disk. G

  GaT7 14:20 16 Jan 2011

Also see Samsung HDD troubleshooting steps click here.

Warranty check & procedure click here. G

  Shuffty 15:43 16 Jan 2011

no damage to pins puchased sept 2010

No option to choose tools it just comes up as a normal drive requiring initializing
1397.26 gb unallocated It also shows up ok in the bios.
As its still on warranty i will have to decide whether to rma it or destroy it as there is a lot of private info bank details and personal and medical details etc of all my family on it,unless ther is a way to destroy the data first

  GaT7 15:51 16 Jan 2011

In case you misunderstood, it's right-click in DM > Properties > Tools.

Use a Samsung diagnostics utility (click here / click here) to check it before destroying or claiming under the warranty. This will remove all data. Then you can run the free Eraser click here (if it will allow you) to wipe it permanently as well. A single pass is enough, as more will take a very long time. G

  Shuffty 16:49 16 Jan 2011

When DM starts a box comes up called initialize disc
you must initilize a disc before disc manager can access it ,i click ok to start and then a message
The request cannot be performed because of an I/O error.

I will check samsung utility and report back the results

  961 17:01 16 Jan 2011

When you say it shows up ok in the bios what do you mean by that?

If the disk was in a caddy was it used as back up and do you have all the stuff elsewhere or do you need to recover it

If the first can the disk be formatted via the bios to start again?

  GaT7 17:39 16 Jan 2011

See if using the Diskpart, Xcopy & related commands at a Command Prompt is any good, like detailed at click here.

Do this before running the Samsung utilities though. G

  Shuffty 19:44 16 Jan 2011

it shows in the bios as a healthy disc also in disk management
Yes it is a backup disc so i do not need to recover any data

have tried all your sugestions but just get No partition selected,it seems the disc cannot be accessed owing to the I/O error
Thank you both for your help
I will tick this as resolved


  GaT7 19:51 16 Jan 2011

If you start up with your OS disc (XP/Vista/7) in the optical drive, are you able to see/partition/format it at all? G

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