samsung s22b150n horizontal size

  nuttypiglet 14:58 30 May 2013

Hi, Just purchased this 22inch monitor for my win 7 pc. I am pulling my hair out trying to set up the display. In the OSD there is a function to horizontally move the screen, but nothing for horizontal size adjustment. I have no nvidia setting for this either. When I maximise a program, such as windows media player, half of the red X is missing from the top right, and the mouse disappears out the right hand side of the display. I have tried ALL resolutions and the only one which fits the screen is the highest. As there is no way to adjust either vertical or horizontal size, other images take up a small section of the screen. With all previous monitors I have had this ability, but samsung seemed to have decided to omit it. I have installed the supplied drivers too. H E L P P L E A S E

  wiz-king 16:18 30 May 2013

Readf the manual section 3.5

  nuttypiglet 16:54 30 May 2013

I have. The only options for size are Auto or Wide. Neither give any option to stretch the image or shrink it manually.

  Woolwell 17:10 30 May 2013

Have you set your pc up for the monitor's native resolution? Have you tried dragging a window by its edges to the edge of the screen?

  nuttypiglet 17:31 30 May 2013

It isn't just the apps, it's the desktop too. The Left side of windows 7 is out the left hand side, so it is touching the start button AND the first letter of the folder/app names on the left side of the desktop are missing. So, in the monitor OSD I scrolled the image to the right, and then if you maximise something like google chrome, the scoll bar disappears out the right side. I've tried toying with the settings in nvidia control panel, these are the only real options I have. I can set the scaling to aspect, wide or custom. However none fix the problem. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong, but I see it that there is ONE display area, the monitor background. The desktop etc are simply images displayed on that background. I should be able to move the image up/down/left/right and shrink the height or width to make it fit. I can only move the image, but not shrink it.

  Woolwell 18:06 30 May 2013

I've not experienced this snag before. How are you connecting to the monitor? What is your graphics card?

  nuttypiglet 18:20 30 May 2013

gtx 650 / vga via adaptor into graphics card

  Woolwell 18:24 30 May 2013

It should be used with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 60 Hz refresh. If W7 display in control panel is showing the correct monitor and the display is still incorrect then suggest you contact Samsung or supplier as you may have a duff unit.

  nuttypiglet 12:20 03 Jun 2013

Sorted it, and it was so simple and my fault. Simply had to go into windows and set the correct resolution 1920/1080 at 60hz which I had done. You are then supposed to press the AUTO button. I took it for granted that manual adjustments were possible. BINGO, all working great now. SO if anyone buys one of these, please press AUTO and it will work perfectly.

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