Samsung P28 - CD/DVD combi drive

  shivers 23:08 24 Mar 2008

Hi all, wonder if any of you can help...

I have a problem with the above laptop, the CD Rom drive is not working. When I enter any disc into it (CD, Install Disc or DVD etc) the green light flashes a few times and by the sounds of it, it tries to read the discs but then stops trying anything at all.

I have tried loads of options and the main advice I can find from browsing etc is to reinstall the Drivers.

I eventually found the correct driver (I think) on a site after eventually finding out that the CD Rom model in this laptop is the Samsung MP0402H.

After installing the driver nothing has changed at all!

I also saw a previous thread on this site suggesting that I follow certain instructions to delete the 'upper and lower limits' (limits may be wrong but it was upper/lower something) and reboot the system. I followed all this to the letter and when I found the final programme I tried to delete them but I was not provided with such an option.

When I go into Device Manager for this item it says that it is working correctly. It will not allow me to update the driver from there as it says that I have the best suited driver installed.

When I go into my computer, the disc drive is not displayed.

When I try to use Real Player, I change to the CD mode and it says no CD device detected.

I'm sorry that I've posted such a long message but I thought it might make it a bit easier for you guys and ladies to try and help me out if you know all the info.

Thanks in advance (without trying to sound anywhere near as formal as that does). Hope you can help!?!?!

  ambra4 01:23 25 Mar 2008

See if this will fix your problem

Download and run

click here

  shivers 02:21 25 Mar 2008

Sorry to say ambra4 that it hasn't worked. I think that I done it all right. I saved it to my local disc then opened it and chose the 'run' option. It provided a repair function which I selected and then within a couple of secs it asked me to reboot my system. I then closed all programmes and then selected restart from the turn off computer bit. It's still exactly as above??? Sorry to go on!!! Thanks very much for trying - any other ideas? Cheers

  jack 09:16 25 Mar 2008

The laser[s] in any drive are finite- they do fail eventually.
In the case of a Reader/Burner Combie there are two lasers and when one fails you can get a read function but no burn for example, or the other way round or nothing at all.
In a desktop machine the remedy is both easy and comparatively cheap - replace the drive.
In a laptop not so simple.
Best remedy is to purchase an external USB/Firewire drive

  shivers 13:14 25 Mar 2008

Oh OK that makes more sence.

Thanks for that. why would the troubleshooter etc say this device is working properly?

Thanks for your help

  Jim_F 17:03 25 Mar 2008

Maybe a longshot but have you tried a CD lens cleaner ?

I think you drive you quoted is actually a HDD so this may have been a red herring ! - the CD drive type should be shown in device manager.

AFAIK the troubleshooter only looks as far as the interface to the optical drive as it doesn't know what media should be in the drive.

A couple more long-shots I'd try:
1) Eject the CD from file manager - and then change it - sometimes Windows doesn't notice the media has changed otherwise.
2) Uninstall the CD/DVD device in device manager and let Windows reinstall it.

  shivers 03:17 26 Mar 2008

Hi Jim_F,

thanks for the advice. peob is that I can't find a cd/dvd rom listed in the device manager anywhere!

How would it norm be listed mate in the device manager? Also where would it be under in device manager?

In 'my computer' from start menu, no CD/DVD ROM is listed or shown either. The only place I can find any mention of the damn thing on the whole computer is in the BIOS bit under Booting Priority.

  Jim_F 08:35 26 Mar 2008

Hi shivers,

In device manager you should see an icon with the name of your computer to the right and plus sign on the left - I've used square brackets instead of the icons. Click on the plus sign and then you should see a number of other icons and names typically:

- [] My Computer
+ [] Computer
+ [] Disk Drives
+ [] Display Adapters
+ [] DVD/CD-ROM drives
and so on...

Click on the plus sign next to the DVD/CD ROM drives and it should show you the name of the drive:

- [] My Computer
+ [] Computer
+ [] Disk Drives
+ [] Display Adapters
- [] DVD/CD-ROM drives

I hope this helps.

  shivers 15:14 26 Mar 2008


Cheers for that list. I won't be the laptop til tonight so I'll post later what I find.

Watch this space so to spk.

Cheers again!!!

  skidzy 17:27 26 Mar 2008

Some of this you have tried,However Ambra has supplied you with a link that should in effect restore the cd drives to windows explorer.

Try the dma reset tool from the below list.
Also double check for the upper and lower filters,you may only find the one listed (upper or lower),these are quite safe to remove.

Missing cd/dvd drives can be normally associated with the removal of burning software such as Nero/Roxio/Sonic/Easy CD Creator etc.
And not showing the drive in My Computer.

Try the below link ,if still no luck follow the Procedure of removing the upper and lower filters.

click here

If no joy with the above fix,try the Microsoft Guided Help

click here scroll down to the Guided help download and follow the instructions.

If still no joy,follow the manual fix below.

If you have further any error codes,please post them.

Restore Missing CD/Dvd Drives

Missing cd/dvd drive
If it is showing an error code:
Code 19, Code 31, Code 32, Code 39, or Code 41
, delete the drive.

Then follow these directions for clearing the Upper/Lower Filters: (might want to print this out)

1. Click on Start --> Run --> and type in 'regedit' followed by the enter key ( if Vista Start search or windows+R )
2. Expand the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" key (looks like a folder) by double clicking it (or
3. clicking the "+" next to it.)
4. Expand the "SYSTEM" Key
5. Expand the "CurrentControlSet" Key
6. Expand the "Control" Key
7. Expand the "Class" Key
8. Please look for a key containing the following string of letter and numbers:
9. High light this key by left clicking once on it
10. On the right hand side you are looking for "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters" under the "Name" column, once you find these please delete them by right clicking on them and choosing "delete"
11. Please exit the registry by clicking on the "X" in the top right hand corner of the screen

Reboot your computer

.If in any doubt editing the registry,please create a System Restore point first and also backup your registry....The guidedhelp from Microsoft on backing up the registry is a good lesson for anyone to learn. click here

Creating a System Restore point:

Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore…follow the prompts.

As pointed out earlier,let windows install the generic drivers when you uninstall the problem drive from device manager.This will require a reboot.

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