Samsung Netbook memory problem

  iscanut 11:00 07 Jan 2011

I have had a Samsung net book (N250 plus) for a couple of weeks now and running with no problems. Suddenly yesterday I have started to be plagued with pop up dialogs which suggests memory problem. I only have Firefox downloaded and in use when this happens. The message is..SSCKbdHK followed by "GetRawInputData doesn't return correct size !16!=5040032". The latter number changes from time to time and I eventually get an "Out of Memory" dialog with the same heading SSCKbdHK. This would seem to be a Samsung background problem. Google searches merely show the usual ads for Registry checkers etc. Anyone else had and solved this problem ? Can I disable the Samsung program ? Should I add another 1Gb of memory ( I have 1 Gb).

  GaT7 12:33 07 Jan 2011

As you say SSCKbdHK, belongs to a Samsung program/process.

Use msconfig (from Start > Run) & disable all Samsung related programs from loading at Startup. Then reboot to see if the problem persists.

If no joy with that, try uninstalling the Samsung programs that contain SSCKbdHk.exe & dmhkcore.exe in their folders. Then confirm they've been removed & no longer run in Task Manager after a reboot.

If that doesn't work either, they may be one more thing to try. Get back if it doesn't & I'll tell you what to do. G

  woodchip 13:55 07 Jan 2011

This may be a Faulty Stick of ram in it, I have the Samsung nc10 over a year now not a bit of bother. Running XP Home one Gig Ram

Boots faster than my HP Laptop with a 2.13 Ghz M Centrino CPU one Gig of Ram running XP home

  iscanut 13:59 07 Jan 2011

Thanks for the responses. I have just installed an extra 1Gb Ram but with 2 Gb, I still get the pop ups ! Will try as you suggest Crossbow and report back in due course.

  iscanut 14:00 07 Jan 2011

PS..Physical memory in Task Manager shows 48% so do not understand the reference to out of memory !

  GaT7 14:10 07 Jan 2011

It's not a RAM problem. Otherwise I would've suggested testing it with a RAM diagnostics program. G

  iscanut 14:39 07 Jan 2011

Thanks for your prompt response. Culprit is/was Samsung Support Centre so have uninstalled that and re booted. Task Manager shows all clear and no mention of SSCkbHK in the processes. Previously this appeared many times over. So much for support, more a hindrance ! Will keep fingers crossed that all is now ok but will leave thread open for now just in case. Could not find a file dmhkcore.exe but time will tell. Many thanks.

  iscanut 14:58 07 Jan 2011

PS..Found dmhkcore, part of Samsung Easy Display Manager. This caused a pop up dialog box just containing Japanese/Chinese characters!! I have uninstalled this program as well so hope that is the end of the nuisances. It would seem that the manufacturer installed utilities are pointless as Windows probably has the same or similar utils anyway.
Will keep an eye on things for a day or so.

  GaT7 15:13 07 Jan 2011

That's the one. I think it should be OK from now on - hopefully anyway!

Don't know why they have to install these seemingly useless programs as you rightly say. They really should be optional for the enduser, provided on a separate disc perhaps. G

  iscanut 16:41 07 Jan 2011

Thanks Crossbow7.

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